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  1. So, first of all, hi. I haven't been on in a while but I've been role playing for.....7 or 8 years now? Around that time. It's really fun for me, but I have so,e rules.

    1. No one liners. They're bland and boring
    2. Meaning you don't have possession over my character, and your character isn't indestructible.
    3. If you want to leave, then just tell me. You don't have to drop off the face of the earth to ignore me. I'll understand.

    So, that's the basics. Next comes the plots ^~^ yay!

    1. The Butler and His Master

    So for this one, I was thinking along the lines of the anime Black Butler, but not with all the supernatural and deals kinda stuff. So, here goes.

    MC was a simple man. A good job, a house, plenty of food. That is until he's sued for everything he owns for a felony he didn't commit. With no place to go and left out on the streets with just the clothes he had on, he sought out for help. Weeks passed where he went starved and exhausted. Then, something miraculous happens. YC shows up to save the day, although he mostly does it to show the public he cares. He takes MC in, but it comes with a price. MC has to remain a butler until the day YC passes on to the next life.

    Sorry, but that's the main plot I have. Here are some pairings that we could do and think of a plot together.

    Demon x hunter
    Demon x angel
    Angel x hunter
    Spirit x human
    Demon x human
    Angel x human

    Black Butler
    DRAMAtical murders

    Butler x master
    Slave x master
    Human x human

    Vampire x shifter
    Vampire x werewolf
    Vampire x human
    Shifter x human
    Shifter x shifter
    Neko x human
    Neko x Neko
    Werewolf x human

    So. If you'd like to roleplay, don't be shy, JUST JOIN IN!!!!!! I'd be happy to meet and roleplay with you :)
  2. Love to do Role plays! Especially for Black Butler!Have a craving for one along the lines of this anime but with entirely different characters, though with the same principle. Will do most if not all of the other pairings, but no anime other than the Black Butler. I would like to elaborate on your main idea, and possibly improve it.
  3. Hi!
    I am interested in roleplaying with you.
    I do have a few questions though, if you don't mind.

    1- What pairings do you usually lean towards.
    F x F
    M x M
    M x F
    Or no real preference? As this would have an impact on who I would use.

    2- Do you use Anime pictures or RL? Or no preference. I care little and use both.

    3- If someone has already taken the black butler prompt, I could easily do any of the others.
    Just tell me which ones you like best and we can come up with something for them.
  4. Omg I'm so glad someone found it, I thought it was lost! Alright, so

    1. I usually go towards MxM, especially with Black Butler cause that's what it was originally supposed to be.

    2. I would say I usually do RL pictures, bUt again, cause it's an anime, we can do anime pictures.

    3. Prompt has not been taken, I would have marked it off as so.
  5. What are your preferences for Supernatural?
  6. Bxb mostly, maybe a bit more sex than plot, but not all
  7. That sounds interesting I haven't played much MxM but I'm willing to try :3
  8. Cool. What were you willing to do? Dean x Cas, Sam x Lucifer?
  9. Yeah Dean x Cas sounds good. I could probably do Sam but i have no idea how I would do Lucifer
  10. Have you gotten that far into the season?
  11. Ugh this is disappointing i know I'm working on season 6
  12. Oh goodness. You really Need to catch up :Pbut yeah, we can do Dean x Cas
  13. Yeah I know :/ It's cause I started watching it with my dad so it became like a father/daughter thing, but he's only free weekends and I don't live with my parents. I do know pieces here and there of future seasons but nothing consecutively.
  14. Who do you wanna be and thread or PM??
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