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  1. Hello marvelous people of Iwaku, and welcome to my roleplay ideas. Now I must admit, I'm in the desperate need of some sexy roleplay action and I would like anyone to join if they would like. Before we move on, I just need to go over some rules:

    1. No one-liners
    These are boring and they don't have taste in the roleplay
    2. Follow general Iwaku rules
    If I need to, I will report you
    3. No god modding
    This is just rude and stealing the character from your partner. Nobody likes it, so don't try it
    4. No cyber bullying
    Do I even have to bring this up? If you don't like something, then leave.

    Alright, so now that that is over with, onto the fun and games :)

    1. The Living Torture
    For this roleplay, I was thinking of a sort of torture type scheme. In this roleplay, a character so happens to stumble upon the enemy base without even realizing. He/she is captured and taken to the General, who sees the light burning in the characters eyes and decided to have a little fun with him/her. So he sends the prisoner off to the secret dungeons and starts to mess with the prisoner, sexually. He makes him/her go to their limit and even farther, using an arrangement of whatever he sees fit.
    (Possible mpreg or bxb)

    2. Never Go Outside
    This roleplay is of the supernatural/romance genre, so watch out ;)
    So a prince/princess has found a body in the streets. Upon further inspection, they realize that it's alive. They immediately take it back to the castle and get the nurses and maids to clean this mysterious person up, wondering what had happened to such a beaten soul. Once the person was cleaned up, a nurse brings a special message: it's an alpha. Why he was beaten, that's unknown and won't be known until he awakens. So after he does, it's found out that his own pack ganged up on him and decided to kill him. Fortunately, luck was on his side. When he sees the prince/ princess, he instantly falls in love and feels the connection of the mating bond. So he goes on the long journey of courting the prince/princess.

    3. The Mistake
    This one may be confusing, so my apologies in advance.
    This is the world of mysteries; no women, only men. But there is a twist: men can become pregnant. Scientists have tried for many years to try and figure out how, but it's a difficult process in which they gave up on. So there are two categories: the jocks and the omegas.
    (Short but can be added to)

    4. The Experiments
    This one is a double character
    Scientists have always wondered what it would be like to impregnate males, so they started experimenting. Of course, many states have banned the experiment from happening, but one was considerate. So they started; two scientists, two guinea pigs.

    Other rps I'd be interested in:
    How to train your dragon
    Angels and Demons
    Male on male

    Thank you for checking this out!! If you want to start something with me, just give me a shout and I'll be happy to get back to you!
  2. Hello I'd be interested in doing the living torture one with you it sounds fun.
  3. I'm interested in your idea for Never go outside.
  4. @Shiny_cookie
    Alright, awesome. Shoot me a pm and we can get started
  5. How about the Creepypasta?
  6. Hmm. Well, do you want bxb, bxg?
  7. I'd really love to do Never go outside, unless It's taken already.
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