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  1. I was thinking of doing a more graphic roleplay This is based on a dream I had lately. In a futuristic world where things are increasingly more convenient, man has found out how to enter the water, eventually taking over. A person's legs are concealed in a capsule and their sides are covered in a strange patch. Over what used to be a period of months, their lower bodies transform to resemble a fish like creature, gills on their hip area. It would then take several months to transform back. Lately there have been some big steps. Now it only takes days to form back and forth. Your character would be one of the regulation officers that helps it so the process is organized and well recorded. He starts to see some severe results from quick, or often transformations. The most common is people being left crippled, both on land and in the water.
    Left angry that the citizens were being left hurt and no one was doing anything about it, the officers rushes to find the scientist that first made these crazy contraptions. Come to find out, the scientist is dead, leaving his assistant (My character), the only person to know how he created the machines, to the greedy hands of other scientists. As your character slowly gets to know my character, secrets spill and flood around them.

    It would be a male x male pairing and I am looking for someone willing to be dominant or able to switch top and bottom.
  2. This sounds really interesting! If you're still looking for a partner i'd love to do this one!
  3. Absolutely! I would love to roleplay with you.^^
  4. Awesome! I can do switch if that's okay?
  5. It's perfectly fine. I just need a character sheet and I will start it. I do have to go out for a few hours but I will set I up later tonight.
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Leonard Strings
    Appearance: He is sort of a lanky person, has black hair and eyes, and wears mostly monochromatic clothing
    Height: 5' 11''
    Personality: At first he may seem like a snappy person, but deep down he really is a decent guy. Though quiet, he can easily assert himself if need be against rude people.
  7. Name: Nicholas "Nicki" Daeson

    Age: 25

    Appearance: (I'll sort out a picture when I'm more awake ^^) Nicholas is a short, wiry guy with slightly tanned skin. His hair's a spiky dark brown and he has green eyes. Often seen in uniform, Nicki prefers to wear plain clothes in more muted colours.

    Height: 5' 5"

    Personality: Nicki is a cheerful, slightly eccentric man, even if it's a facade to hide insecurities which held on since childhood. In private he's a lot more calm and straight forward, but still quite cheerful.
  8. Great :) I will post the thread and then send the link to you.
  9. I sent it to you through message
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