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  1. Hey, I am looking for a roleplay partner. Herpaderp. I'm really bored, and would really just like an innocent, fluffy romance. Here's my idea:
    One girl has never seen color in her life. She was born 100% colorblind. But one day, as she is walking to school, she sees a girl who appears completely in color. As they grow closer, the colorblind girl starts seeing color in other places that aren't the Color girl. There's a lot of symbolism in this idea......
    I will be RPing the girl who appears in color.

    I would like my partner to be able to write at least a few sentences per post with VERY limited spelling errors, proper pronunciation, and varied sentence structure. I'd like them to be able to help move the rp along. I'd also like them to be under 18... ._.

    If you're interested or have questions, PM me.
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  2. EDIT:

    *sad face*

    I just noticed that you mentioned under 18 so I had to remove my message...

    Sorry! ;~;
  3. I'm interested in doing the rp with you, Would you like to discuss the idea in a conversation?)
  4. Sorry, someone actually already resounded and I don't want to start too many roleplays at once.
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