Roleplay For Commander Calibrations and MoonStar

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Wren stepped outside of the small house that belonged to her and her mate. They'd moved in about a month ago when they finally earned enough money to pay for it. They lived in a crappy apartment before but she was glad they finally had a nice house for themselves. The neighbourhood was quiet and very peaceful too. She got a job at a plain office to help pay for everything, she was hardworking even though the job sucked and she wanted to do something else for a job. She had time off from work, but she'd been sick a lot in the mornings and threw up. She felt horrible but that morning she made the effort to step outside from the sofa and admire the view.


Eric yawned as he half opened his eyes, noticing that his wife had went outside and stood up stretching his arms above his head as he walked over to her slipping his arms around her waist and pressing a couple kisses to the side of her neck. "are you alright, my love?" he asked kissing her softly, running his fingers down her back for a moment, he sighed deeply wondering what could be troubling her.

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