Roleplay Discussion: Animation

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  1. So, I've been thinking lately. I'm going to be putting together a method of animation for one of my future roleplays involving crystals with energy held in them. With that stuck in my head right now, I figured I'd talk to everybody about it. Ask a few questions. Animation is the action of giving something life that doesn't ordinarily have life. For example, making a soda machine capable of choosing who to give the drinks to for free. My questions for this thread are:

    What is your opinion on Animation and Re-Animation?

    Have you used either in any past roleplays?

    What would be a unique way to go about doing this?

    What's your favorite book, movie, short story, roleplay - whatever! - that uses this?
  2. My favorite book that uses Reanimation is Mogworld.

    I can't explain why. You need to read the book, it's wonderfully done.

    While I haven't touched the warcraft universe in a minute and have avoided Blizzard like the plague, I always really enjoyed how they pulled off the concept of the Forsaken. A race existing for no other reason than a manifestation of sheer willpower always really struck a chord in my mind. The Dark humor that came along with that concept was also very enjoyable.

    I guess to answer your question, I enjoy my animation and reanimation concepts in RPs to be very seeded in Irony. Dark humor, fallacy in social norms when applied to constructs, Moral quandaries, applications of debt and labor in the face of newly defined needs (Example: As the Dead do not Regenerate, carpenters and tailors can find work with keeping bodies in functioning in tact order. Parts can be requisitioned from other characters for a fee. Interesting conversation can be had as one individual asks another individual if they could purchase their shoulders. Etc etc.)

    I suppose these things could also apply to your animated Soda can principal, but I'm throwing out examples that I'm familiar with.