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Content Ratings let you know what kind of content a Game Master allows in their roleplay. Just like with movies or video games, your rating suggests whether or not a roleplay is "safe for everyone to read", "contains gore and violence", or "naughty material".

Everyone has different opinions on what content should be rated as, so here is Iwaku's Official Guideline! We've tried to keep these ratings simple and easy for people to understand, whether they are new or old to roleplaying. We encourage all Game Masters to make sure they have their rating somewhere in their OOC so new players can easily browse.

G - General Audience
This means there is mild to no violence. No gore. Little fighting. No sex or sexual content.

PG/PG13 - Possible Violence
There will be some fighting, violence, and romantic naughtiness BUT no detailed gore, bloody stuff, or sexual content. Scenes are implied, not described in too much detail.

R - Risky Business
Descriptive Violence, Gore and Naughty Sexual Content!

M - Mature
Full intentions on being violently disturbing, gorey, horrific, smutty, sexual, etc. in complete detail.

You can now find this in our IWAKU GUIDE for easy linking!
Didn't we try something like this in the past and have it go over like a lead balloon? Or was that before this incarnation of Iwaku?
Don't know, but I think this is to help members who want to enjoy a good action/romance game without the gore fest/raunch. Also so people know when they don't have to pussy foot if they want to get gritty in their story telling. One would hope this would be used as a good will gesture for all players.
I think that on the thread title it should give the rating, while in the first post, illustrate the reason why it's rated the way it is. Like with movies, it will say "PG-13 for gore and suggestive themes". So that way, they know if it's rated PG-13 for Violence, sexual themes, or maybe even both.
Ratings are in no way required for GMs to put in their roleplays, but it IS very useful for the reasons Ocha explain. :D This little list is just our handy official guide so it's clear what ratings are supposed to mean on Iwaku.
Ah, I like them! It makes it easy for me to be able to tell quickly if I will be joining at role-play before reading through the Ooc thread :D
Oh, I remember now. I was thinking of something different from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back.

My bad.
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