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  1. So, I don't have very many roleplays going on at the moment, so I decided to brainstorm a few of my own ideas and put them out there to see if anybody was interested. I like romance in my roleplays, but it doesn't have to be a main focus. I prefer MxF pairings and I would like to play the female, though it can be up for discussion.

    I would prefer good length responses, nothing insane like a five paragraph essay, but a paragraph should be good. Just give me something to work with and it'll be good.

    So, here are my ideas!

    #1 Newsflash

    This one is kind of weird, but the idea just came to me while I was eating Ramen and watching Star Trek, so it's definitely got a strange sci-fy feel to it. I was thinking that maybe it being about a reporter in a modern day small town, right in the middle of nowhere. It could either be a male or a female, we can discuss the pairings later. But anyways, the reporter is just doing their normal work when they overhear a conversation between a couple of normal looking humans - only to overhear they're from the future (and possibly aliens). The reporter panics, thinking that they're here to mess up the past and change the future, and goes on a news writing rampage to try and expose them. Eventually, the reporter gets close to one of them and finds out that they are there to help, not hinder. Together, they have to go on a mission to save Earth from a threat far more dangerous than either of them could comprehend.

    I know it sounds kind of weird, but I was watching Star Trek and there was an episode about time travel and it just sort of... came to me.

    #2 Utopia

    This one is just what is sounds like - a couple of teenagers in a "utopian" society, that begin to realize something is wrong when people start disappearing. The two teenagers wouldn't like each other at first, but when weird things start happening they would begin to spend more time with each other to try and figure out what's going on. I don't have much more figured out about this one, so we can either plot through it or just wing it and see how it goes.

    #3 The Meaning of Forever

    This one would be more of a romance. I don't have the exact details plotted out, but I know it would be about two teenagers in high school struggling to find love, and eventually, realize they are in love with each other. However, things don't work out exactly as planned (I'm thinking that they go to different colleges when they graduate), and they grow apart. However one day they meet again, maybe ten years later, and they rekindle the romance they had when they were younger. Of course, that doesn't work exactly as planned either. They are just exploring the meaning of forever, I guess. I would like part of it to take place during their high school years, and then maybe a little bit of development while they're off at college on their own, but then a time skip to when they meet again.

    #4 Framed

    This one would be about a couple of friends, perhaps in their senior year of high school, when the unthinkable happens - someone in their school is murdered. The girl in the friendship is framed for the murder, and someone starts trying to kill her, forcing her to go into hiding. Together, they have to find out who really killed the other student and find out why someone wants her dead.

    #5 Saving the World and Other Everyday Activities

    This one would be about a couple of superheroes. I don't have much plotted out about it, but I know they would have a friendly rivalry, trying to outdo each other in trying to beat the most villains. However, when one of them almost dies in an attack, they decide to start working together (though they still maintain the friendly rivalry). I don't have much plotted out for this one, so we can just take it as it goes or plot some stuff out.


    I would also be interested in any of these fandom roleplays -

    • Harry Potter
    • The Avengers
    • Agents of SHIELD
    • Star Trek
    • Sherlock
    • Supernatural
    • Doctor Who
    • The Walking Dead
    • Lord of the Rings
    • The Hunger Games
    • Percy Jackson

    Please comment here if you're interested in any of these!
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