Roleplay, Anyone?

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I'm new to Iwaku and would greatly appreciate someone to One[x]One Roleplay with. I don't have very many specific limitations, though Romance and Action-type genres are greatly appreciated. Not really into anything like Sci-Fi or Horror, I really prefer an Adventure or Comedy-based storyline. Anyone willing or interested, please be sure to let me know! Thank you for your time.
I will roleplay with you! Any specific Ideas you want to play out?
Yay!! :D Thank you so much! No, none at the moment. That's sort of the problem... ^^" It seems I'm not so talented when it comes to starters and such.
I'd be happy to roleplay with you, if you're still interested that is. I've got some ideas poking around in my brain, PM me and we can work one out ^^
Ill join you two!
Lets see.....i like funny stuff