Roleplay, Anyone?

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I'm new to Iwaku and would greatly appreciate someone to One[x]One Roleplay with. I don't have very many specific limitations, though Romance and Action-type genres are greatly appreciated. Not really into anything like Sci-Fi or Horror, I really prefer an Adventure or Comedy-based storyline. Anyone willing or interested, please be sure to let me know! Thank you for your time.


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I will roleplay with you! Any specific Ideas you want to play out?


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Yay!! :D Thank you so much! No, none at the moment. That's sort of the problem... ^^" It seems I'm not so talented when it comes to starters and such.

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I'd be happy to roleplay with you, if you're still interested that is. I've got some ideas poking around in my brain, PM me and we can work one out ^^

That guy named Ed

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Ill join you two!
Lets see.....i like funny stuff