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  1. Well hello there.
    My name is Kirra, I'm pretty much new here
    and would like to get involved.

    [​IMG] pixel by KyouKaraa

    (if you honestly want to know)

    Hm. A little something about me and my roleplay style. Well, I am an artist. I draw, write stories and also cosplay. One of my most adored anime characters is Itachi Uchiha. (You really didn't ask but I threw it out there. Haha..heh.. .__.) I have been roleplaying for 5 years now and continues today. I either am willing to write in paragraphs or using "* ~ -" I am also willing to write yaoi, fantasy, mysterious, action, comedy, etc. Anything, as long as it's interesting! Okay, that's all for now. Any questions?
  2. Hi!!
    I am also pretty much new here as well... Well, signed up a few hours ago or yesterday night, lol.
    Since both of us are pretty much new and starting together that makes us classmates? Why don't we rp together? I have been rp-ing for two years. My grammar is decent and I do spellchecks before i post. So why not try it with me?
  3. Sure thing. We could roleplay together!
  4. Great. Do you have a role-play in mind? I'm fine with whatever genre we play. :3
  5. Sure!!
    Waah, they look so cute~
  6. Thank you :3 Oh! Would you like to start now or wait for more to show?
  7. Well, you're the creator right? We'll start whenever you feel like it~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.