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  1. I haven't really been on in a while but it's spring break now! Which means I have more time to be online!

    Just a few things about me and a bit of expectations:

    • I usually reply with one to two paragraphs, or I try to match my partners reply.
    • I can reply multiple times a day and it would be preferred if my partner can do the same. If they can't, it's totally understandable.
    • I only like to play the dominant roles, which means I love role playing with people who are submissive and in MxF, I only play the male role because I know nothing about playing the female role! There are some exceptions to where I'll play the submissive role, but it's kind of rare!
    • I use both anime and real people for face claims.
    • I love drama!! I would prefer if my partner can play more than one character sometimes, if it'll make the rp more interesting.
    • I don't mind bad grammar, but please make it understandable!
    That's basically all my basic rules, hopefully my expectations aren't too high for most people :P
    Now for some pairings! These go for MxF, FxF and MxM! I will put 3 stars by the pairings I'm really interested in doing!

    Friend x Friend:
    Muse A has always been the type to keep to themselves. They never express their feelings to anyone and they are always pretty emotionless. Muse A has only one friend, Muse B. Muse B has been in many relationships, but deep down, they have always loved Muse A, though they never said anything due to the fear of rejection. One day, Muse B decided to confess their feelings to Muse A, and is rejected. They slowly start drifting apart, until Muse B makes a goal to try and win over Muse A's love, which won't be so easy.

    ***Hard Love:
    Muse A has always been the type to use people for a good time. Muse A usually always go to a certain bar and picks up different people almost every week. Muse A has never once thought about finding true love until one day, while walking around the mall, Muse A runs into Muse B. Muse A feels a different type of feeling, one that has never been felt before and soon tries to win over Muse B, which isn't so easy, due to the fact that Muse B knows how Muse A truly is, after seeing them with different people every week or so. Muse A loves a good challenge, but people from Muse A's past will definitely make things harder.

    ***Shy x Seductive:
    Muse A has never been in a relationship. Muse A happens to run into Muse B, who has been with multiple people, and Muse B grows an instant attraction to Muse A. Knowing how innocent Muse A is, Muse B tries to get things from them without feeling guilty whatsoever. Muse A definitely dislikes the fact that Muse B is so pushy and tried to push Muse B away, though it isn't easy at all. (This plot is one of the only ones where I'll play the submissive role!)

    ***Popular x Shy
    Muse A is well known around school and is loved by almost everyone. Muse B has always admired Muse A, but from afar. Muse B hardly has any friends, but they are truly nice and innocent in every way. One day, Muse A accidentally bumps into Muse B in the halls and they both have a sudden attraction to each other.

    ***Mean x Nice
    Muse A is hated by many people. They have never had a single friend due to the fact that they are pretty mean and have a history with the law. Muse A knows nothing about being nice and as they are walking around town, Muse B accidentally falls into Muse A, which causes Muse A to get angry. Muse B quickly apologizes and this shocks Muse A because no one has ever apologized to them. The apology makes Muse A feel happy, which is an odd feeling. The two slowly begin to get closer to each other, but Muse A warns Muse B about how dangerous it is to be around them. Muse B is willing to take risks, but is it really as easy as it seems?

    Those are just a few plots that I have in mind! If you have any other plots you'd like to do with someone, I'm open to anything!! I will be posting more plots as time goes by, but as of right now, that's all I have!
  2. I'm interested in both the FriendxFriend and Hard Love. I'm also willing to play MeanxNice! They all sound so interesting!! :D
  3. I'm interested in either of the last two! [:
  4. Hi I'm interested in any of the ones you want to do! Pm me!
  5. I would love to do Hard love with you! ^-^
  6. Interested!
    Shy and Seductive is very interesting to me,
    or we can develop another plot if you are interested?
  7. popular / shy and mean / nice both look promising, if you're still interested in partners. hard love also looks pretty cute.

    i also have some ideas to share, if you'd rather not repeat your own pairings and would like to hear them. ( ^ ^)
  8. If you're still looking, I'd be interested in MeanxNice
  9. i got some FxFs if your interested.
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