Roleplay? Anyone? (MxM and MxF)

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Hello, Hello, Hello, my friends~ I'm searching for 1 to 2 more Role Playing companions! I looking for someone who can post at the very least, Once a day or once every other day. Couple of times a week. I get busy but can usually post about once a day as well. I am not a Grammar Nazi, and Length wise, I'm not a huge stickler but please, maybe...2 or 3 paragraphs? Right now I am looking for a Romance RP or two. But if you want to RP with me and have an idea, feel free to message me or post here about it! I love to bounce ideas back and forth and get ideas going so both parties know where we are going in the story line. If you want to see a sample of how I write, check out my Role Players Resume on my profile page. I have a writing sample there. If you become bored with the role play, please don't just ditch me. Let me know so I understand. I will do just the same.

-I only do MxM and MxF (I'm really craving a MxM at the moment~;) if you have an idea Please, fill me in! ))

-I am PERFECTLY OKAY with fade to black and discriptive (18+ only)

-I am comfortable playing Males and Females. But I play Males more often so I'm more comfortable with them.

-I have all sorts of characters too. If you want to know about any characters just message me and I will fill you in!

- I do not mind Gore at all.

Fandom Cravings: (Bold Words are the Role I would want, But I'm willing to Compromise.)

The Walking Dead - OC x OC (Always up for this~))

Grimm (TV) - Grim OC x Wesen OC
Wesen OC x Wesen OC

((I like drama and Internal struggles and such, and if you ask about another fandom, I'll let you know if I'm familiar with it or not, I'll probably be willing to play it!)

Other Ideas - Some Plotting may be Required~

- Happily Ever After...Perhaps?: A Prince has come of age and must assume his father's throne in a very short time. He is engaged to a princess that is not much to his liking. So before he must marry, he goes into the surrounding villages to drink and cherish his past days as a bachelor. While there he meets a girl whom he gets along with very well. One night while they are both drunk, they wind sleep together after a hasty decision. She would end up Pregnant. He returns to the palace and thinks about the girl as he prepares for his wedding. But on the day of his wedding the girl either comes herself or sends word to him that she is pregnant. Upon speaking to each other, though they barely know each other he decides to help her raise the child and in order to do that has to marry her. So they would run away together so they are not found out. He changes his name and looks in order to fit in. But that brings big changes in his life style, things he must adjust to along with living and being married to a woman he hardly knows. Along the way there will be struggles, their life will be far from perfect but as they get to know each other more and more they start to fall in love as they go through the pregnancy and life's challenges together. ((We can still discuss this if you want to change any of the details, but there are some details we should probably work out before starting this one; 18 + ONLY on this one because it will contain sexual content. ))

Playboys Don't Always Get what they want - A boy has always been able to get the girl he wants. But He then meets a girl he really wants. But she is impossible to Woo. He then hires a woman/man, who knows the one he is trying to woo, very well. His or her job is to instruct him on how to woo this impossible to get woman. But he starts to fall in love with Him/her and as she/he teaches him, he learns what he always wanted was right there all along. This May contain some 18+ content but doesn't have to. I Want do this one MxM or FxM!)

The Ring Leader - A story line that has to do with a circus master and his performers. The performers are shapeshifters. Humans that turn into animals and preform for him. Would be, performer x performer or Ring Master/Leader x Performer. We would have to plot out a story line~ (( MxM or MxF~ ))

((More coming later~ ))

Please Post here or PM me, but I am friendly and I love to chat so if you want to PM me to just chat and get to know each other I'm up for that too! Hope to hear from you soon!!
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Since you're craving mxm I was wondering if you'd be willing to do a prince x mage? The prince is set to marry a princess or fancy lady but falls for his nerdy, quiet mage instead. I'd prefer the mage, but I'd swing both ways on this one.
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