Role playing pros and cons.

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  1. Not sure if a thread like this has been done before. What are your pros and cons of roleplay? What do you do best in? What do you do the worst in?

    I prefer more actions and adventure role plays. I do better at those and I prefer them. I dislike role play combat and I am not one for romance or forced romance. For Role play combat, I dislike it due to most people I have seen on other sites tend to have over powered characters and refuse to be defeated.
  2. PRO FOR ME: I love the mish mash of ideas, especially when people break setting stereotypes or do something weird and unexpected for a plot or setting. I happily embrace things that others might find outlandish, over the top, or silly. As a game master and a player it makes it more fun for me to figure out how to make those sorts of characters fit in to the grad scheme of things.

    CON FOR ME: I hate when they go that step TOO FAR and cross the line of believability when they try to do something unique. o___o Cause then it just goes from being creative/unique to being dumb and nonsensical! Cause, yes, I like a good challenge with characters that seem like they may not fit - but there IS a line you can cross from "Oh! that's a weird sort of character for this rp, but it's different and kinda cool!" to "what the fuck is this crazy shit? did you even read the plot info?!"
  3. thats pretty much the same with me
  4. Pro: I can lean towards roleplays that have romance, or roleplays that are action or plot heavy. So long as the story and the characters are very driven and interesting, I will be happy. I also take great pleasure in roleplays that ask you to write well. I've never had that expectation of me before I came to this website and I thoroughly enjoy it.

    Con: I don't like roleplays that never finish and yes I know there are many factors that go into why a roleplay dies, but it just discourages me from continuing. I don't really care for combat scenes all that much. Published writers don't put that much effort into writing combat because well to be honest... That sort of reading is really dry. (I'm talking about paragraphs and paragraphs of where the kick/punch is going to which part of the body.) I hate characters who try to act heroic but haven't done anything to prove it to me or the other players that this trait fits them. It throws the roleplay off for everyone.
  5. My Pros: ... I can write a crapton of characters at once. They aren't very interesting, but I can manage. If I had to think of another it'd probably have to be my ability to turn what would normally be a Mary Sue-ish character into a passable piece of work.

    Cons: Where do I begin? My posts are short, my plots are dumb, I misunderstand a lot of things and can screw up an RP pretty easily. I also have a habit of skipping pages I've missed and if an RP goes too terribly and against my favor I tend to care a little less.