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  1. These are mostly just junk from my head that I come up with late at night and makes notes about when I'm supposed to be sleeping so this will constantly be edited and added too.

    I am shipping trash and I deserve to be in a landfill with my ships. I guess just pick an idea that catches your fancy and PM me to discuss it.

    Star wars

    Obikin (Obi-wan x Anakin)
    Instead of having lightsabers Jedi's have wings, the wings react differently for every person. The first time Anakin gets his wings, Obi-wan offers to brush wings as a sign of friendship and alliance and Anakin's puff up in a courting stance.

    Stormpilot (Poe Dameron x Finn)
    Being a stormtrooper Finn never had the chance to just take the time to enjoy the scenery of a planet he was on and Poe offers to show him his favorite spot to watch the sun set.

    Dragon age

    Fenris is a werewolf, the group finds out when Danirous orders him to kill them. The wolf lounges at Anders fist since he is the closest, Anders somehow talks the wolf down.

    I can play any role but I do prefer submissive, My muse and activeness varies on the day and my schedule. So seem days I'll post a long paragraph and others are small paragraph. So I need a partner with patience, because I tend to be slow and lazy most of the time.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.