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  1. First off, I'm pretty new here so I only know what's a go based off what I've been told by a friend.. But, I do have a odd liking to the more dark, taboo type stuff that most other sites frown on.

    Now, a bit about me.. Yes, I am a girl but no I do NOT like to play females. I play males and it is very rare I play females. So please don't ask. Also I do both MxF and MxM but I proffer MxM even in romance. I like dark, twisted things and love to roleplay topics seen as taboo.. I can play both dominate and submissive so there is quite a big list of stuff I can do pairing wise..

    There are a few things I wont do so to avoid having these asked I'll make a quick list of them, though this wont be all I will tell you if what you ask is part of it:

    • Yuri- This is a big fat no. I do like Yuri but I don't roleplay it
    • Parent x Child romances- Again, this one is a no go.. I've been asked it before so it's going on this list.... Just don't
    • Sibling Romances- This one is a bit odd.. I don't do blood-related siblings but I'm fine with step-siblings, but only if it's something that was going on BEFORE they became step-siblings
    • Furry- This doesn't include Nekos but more along the lines of playing animals or having them be humans who turn into animals... Sorry it's just creepy to me and isn't my cup of tea
    • Pure Smut- Yes I love romance, but I like there to be more then just romance and nothing else.. So no roleplays that focus only on sex or just plain romance and nothing else
    • A few Fandoms- There are a few Fandoms I will NOT do and they are Lord Of The Rings, Hobbit, Bleach, Pokemon, Naruto, One-Piece or Digimon. Also will NOT do Twilight, it is evil and can burn in hell. So don't ask for any, I will say no.
    • Anything set solely in space- I do like having space in a roleplay but I don't like having it be the main setting. Things like futures where mankind are able to travel to other plants is great, but not living on a spaceship in the middle of space
    • Few Genres- With above said and done there are a few genres I will not not not do.. Nothing apocalyptic, zombie, pirate, puppy-love (the kind where the only romance is peeks on cheek or lips, hand holding or extremely shy), steampunk (love this but I just don't know how to do it =( ) or anything involving character under the age of 16 or over the age of 40
    • Girly Characters- I will not not NOT play girly characters. The closest I will get is a shy, timid guy, but they will have some kind of toughness either in their future or their past or both. I hate playing girly types so I will ignore you if you ask.. Harsh yes, but I'm sick of being asked because "I'm a girl".

    There are others things but those are the main points. I've been roleplaying since I was 12 so I've come across a lot, so there will be a bit of detail in it.. Mainly because a lot seem to miss take a lot of the things as something I wont do.. Anyways, here you go (doesn't include Fandoms or pairings)

    • Yaoi- This is my biggest addiction.. I guess you can say I'm a Yaoi Fan-Girl.. Normally I'm fine with MxF but there's just something about the whole "Gay is bad!" thing that I love.. Personally I think there's nothing wrong with it, hence why I enjoy it so much.. Nine out of ten pairings I crave are MxM and involve lots of juicy romance
    • Nekos- I do like the idea of Nekos. I'm not very good at playing them but I do like having them in a roleplay. Though I know Neko is Half Cat Half Human though other animals are cute, just nothing furry... Only go as far as tail and ears since more is kinda creepy to me
    • Romance- This is my biggest thing. I love it and try having it in every roleplay I do.. It's the best way to keep my interest.. I don't like the instant love thing, but I do love having the feelings start soon but don't come out until later.. Basically I love doing the teasing thing.
    • Dark Themes- I love me some darkness.. Be it slave and master or just some psycho doing psycho things.. Normally in these kinds of roleplays I like to be the one giving the darkness, but there are times I like being on the other side.. Though having it come from both sides is just fantastic!
    • Genres I Will Do- Fantasy (I mean the fairies, magic, mythical creatures, ect. type fantasy.. Nor Lord Of The Rings type fantasy or vampires/werewolves), Medieval (think King Aurthur times), Futuristic (robots, time travel stuff like that), Supernatural (vampires and werewolves fall under here, along with wiccans and stuff), Gaming (I don't mean playing out a game that is real, I mean adding gaming as a part of the plot and making up a game), Horror.. There are others but I can't think of them at the moment, so just ask

    I wont put my Fandoms into a spoiler since there aren't many I can pull off, but I will still list a few just in case =)

    • Doctor Who (Love love love this show! I can play David and Matt's Doctors along with Jack, but I normally like doing Cannon and OC)
    • Torchwood (once again LOVE this show! Like above I can do Jack fairly well and can pull off an okay Owen.. I can do Cannon &/or OC)
    • Back Butler (Even though I can play both Sebastian and Claude well, I tend to stick with OC for this)
    • Dance in The Vampire Bund (I can do Cannon but I would rather stick to me playing OC with Cannons mixed in)
    • Rise Of The Guardians (Yes, the animated movie.. I loved the movie and the story behind it! I'm pretty decent at playing Jack apparently, but I'm up for OC as well as Cannon)
    For pairings it's mostly what I'm craving and weather or not something suggested interests me.. Right now there are a few I'm craving so I'll list them below. Quick warning though, I like the "opposites attach" type pairings more. Also, like I said, I like most pairings to be MxM (in fact I proffer it) but MxF is okay with me.

    • Doctor x Nurse/Patient (I had a Doctor x Nurse rp that died but I love the idea of it)
    • Teacher/Professor x High School/Collage Student (this is one where the no younger then 16 comes in, but I love this type of thing because of the taboo of it)
    • Master x Butler/Pet/Slave (my darkness fix most of the time)
    • Cop/Detective x Criminal (love love love this idea but never seem to get a change to do it)
    Adding this in since I do have a few ideas I want to do.. These are only two but most pairings have a plot or idea.. I'd like these to be MxM, but I can be convinced to do them as MxF

    The Doctor x Nurse (gonna make the Doctor a guy & Nurse a girl to make it easier to explain, but I'd like it to be MxM if possible) one is about a Doctor who's cocky and acts like he's better then everyone else he works around. In his job he needs a nurse or fellow doctor to work with him but no one wants to work with him. After driving just about everybody away from partnership with him a nurse is transferred in from out of state/country and is asked to work with him. At first she thinks the same as everyone else, but still doesn't back down, soon realizing the man is pushing people away on purpose. The more they work together the more she gets to know the real him, the man the patients know and it goes from there.

    With that aside there are some pairings I do just haven't listed them. If you want to know if I'll do one just ask. The worse that can happen is I simply say no XD But all in all thanks for reading! Hopefully you are willing to give me a shot as a partner ^^

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  2. I would love to do DemonxPriest or MasterxButler with you.
  3. Cool ^^ I've had a few back out of a Demon x Priest pairing so how about we go with that one???? Mind if I ask what gender pairing you'd rather do for it??
  4. Okay! And I am a huge Yaoi person, so MxM.
  5. Yeah, totally asked that before I read your Resume thing XD Well... Sweet!! I am too so that's perfect =D Care to hammer out a few things in PM then? Since I suck at just jumping into stuff lol
  6. I would love to do a TeacherxStudent, DoctorxNurse/Patient, or Star-studded big shotxOver-looked Push over roleplay with you ^_^
  7. I'm totally craving all so are they any you want to do more then the others???
  8. Not really(they all sounded so good T,T),
  9. Hehe well how about we move to PM and talk it over more then???
  10. Kay Kay ^_^
  11. I would love to do star studded big shot x push over or teacher x student! ^-^
  12. Hey if you are still taking 1x1 then I'd be mmore than have to do masterxslave or big-starxover-looked.
  13. @Nassione I'll gladly do a TeachxStudent with you ^^ Would you like to move to PM and knock out some details??

    @No Face How about a MasterxSlave then???? PM me and we can talk more about it =)

    Though are either of you up for the idea I posted?? Since I've got a Big-Shot-Over-Looked already, but want one more with that idea
  14. I'm fine with doing either so feel free to pm me ^^
  15. Alright ^^ I'm really craving the CEO idea so I'll send ya a PM and we can decide which one