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Role-play with me! (Male characters needed)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Futaba, May 2, 2015.

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  1. Hiya~ I am Futaba~ And I need some long term partners..
    Male ones! Or females who wouldn't mind playing a male?
    Now I have a few ideas but I will only be putting down the pairings not the plot, so if you are interested please PM me and we can talk about it!
    And yes I don't care how you write just no one liners and no short cuts like
    U=You or K=Okay unless we are just talking.
    I also would like to do a few sexy stuff, so teens please don't be afraid to message me ^^
    I am a teen as well XD​

    *Creator x Creation
    *Killer x Victim
    *Pirate x Elf
    *Guard x Elf
    *Guard x Gypsy
    *Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    *Ghost/spirit/'Guardian angel' x Human (Your character is moving into a new home in the role-play)
    *Bad boy/girl x Good girl/boy
    *Sophomore x Freshman in college
    *Hunter x Tribe girl
    *Vampire x Human/Hunter
    *Princess x Prince -Arrange marriage-
    *Princess x Elf boy -Rivals-
    *Tribe princess x Hunter
    *Elf princess x Hunter
    *Princess x Pirate
    *Lost princess x Pirate
    *Lost princess x Thief
    *Princess x Bartender
    *Princess x Servant
    *Princess x Guard
    *Run away princess x Guard
    *Runway princess x Runaway prince
    *Princess x young/new king
    *Elf princess x Elf prince

    And if you have some in mind... tell me!
    And i will be playing female for all of them~ So if your interested please PM me or comment on this thread​
  2. *Bad boy/girl x Good girl/boy or *Princess x young/new king or *Princess x Servant
  3. Hi, I would be willing to do any of these if there is a particular one you wanted to do. I have a lot of experience with role-playing. And I generally enjoy any role. Thanks. :)
  4. I'm interested in this! I'm experienced at playing male characters and good at creating interesting situations. PM me if you're still looking.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.