Role play resume - Role Play styles?

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  1. Can someone either link me a list of what these styles mean something like that?
  2. In the current forms' case:

    "Passive or Aggressive"

    A passive player is someone who needs direction and likes their partner to lead the story.

    An aggressive players likes directing action and controlling the game.

    It is, however, very open to interpretation and many people have also added in how they write, like writing skill level, or amount of paragraphs and things like that.

    If you wanna give us some tips on how to improve the resume (especially from the perspective of a new member), we have another thread open about it here in the Hub!
  3. Okay what about like Obsidian, Topaz Etc? O-o Sorry I came from the youtube roleplay community .. We didn't have those kinda terms.
  4. Oh, those are the forum styles! They are named after gemstones that have similar colors!