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  1. When it comes to role-playing I haven't really been doing much lately on this site. I don't if it's because I'm too tired or just simply lost the will to role-play.
    Soo I decided I needed to get back into it.
    Genres I prefer are slice of life, adventure, supernatural, a bit of horror.
    The genders I prefer to play is female, but that doesn't mean that for a certain role-play I feel like playing as a guy would be best.
    I'm not that skilled in fantasy and romance, but I really want to try and get better at those.
    I do have some plots and ideas so if you're interested you can either reply here or send me a PM. If you have your own ideas then tell me because I know mine most likely aren't that good haha.
    I am on a lot so if you want a partner who answers fast then I'm here. If you want someone slow...I won't really mind if you take awhile to answer. I do say I am on a lot, but don't expect me to be EVERY minute....I still have a life...

    Enough talk. Here are my ideas. They may grow over time... they may not.

    -Someone is having hallucinations about something (don't know wha though) and they feel very real. And the person's friend is gets just simple dreams that is meant to help the other person.

    - a city is in ruins and there are only a few people left trying to make use of their lives. There could be some type of bad people they have to look out for or something as well.

    -Two assassins having to go after each other. Except they don't know the other is an assassin and going after them.
    After they find it hard to kill them, they figure they need to try something different and try to become friends in order to get close enough to kill them

    -Our characters died and are ghosts and they have the opportunity to be revived but they have to do something (don't know what yet)

    - Best friend conflicts.

    -siblings with home issues.

    -Twins separated at birth.

    -Abandoned mansion with some sort of legend. People decide to venture through and get locked in, only to find out that the owners are still alive (even after centuries of disappearance)

    -A dead body has been buried under neath a high school. The ghost still lurks around the halls. One day the ghost bumps into a student and the ghost needs help before put to rest peacefully. In order to do that the student has to find the bones and bury them properly

    - There's a huge house fire... that's all I got for that one
  2. I'll do the abandoned mansion rp
  3. The assassin idea sounds cool, I'd love to do it with you! :)
  4. I'm cool with that haha.
    PM me and we can discuss more about it. :3
  5. Ninja! :3

    May we try to fill in the last idea together?
  6. Alrighty. Let's discuss in PM :3
  7. May I pm you?
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