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  1. So, I just recently got out of a rehab of sorts, and wanted to start some new role plays, since when I left I didn't get to finish any. I have a few ideas Nd you can pm me or reply if you are interested!


    Elven Prince x Elven Warrior (MxF)

    Fallen Angel(M) x Human (F)

    Fairy x Fairy (MxF)


    Boy and girl are accidentally roomed together. They decide to not report it and see how it goes.

    Student x Professor (MxF)


    Father x Daughter

    Brother x Sister


    Girl x Captor (MxF)

    Billionaire x Childhood Friend
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  2. I would be willing to do the Elven Prince x Elven Warrior. I preferably play male...but I can play female (rather not because I'm terrible at it :c)
  3. I can play the female that's fine haha
  4. Alright. Do you have any specific plot in mind?
  5. Yeah, um just a basic one, like how it starts, I usually prefer working on it with my partner
  6. As long as you have something to start it with, I can help think of a plot idea, twist, etc.
  7. Ok so I was thinking, the Elven kingdom is at war with another race, about land and resources etc. so the prince leads a troop into battle. My character, isn't a fan of the prince, and constantly tries to tell him he's making the wrong decisions. One night, a raid happens on their camp and they have to flee. They end up get stranded together in enemy territory and have to find their way back.
  8. Alright, that works for me. I might be able to come up with an idea like that soon, but right now my brain doesn't feel like thinking of an idea :/

    Do you want a CS or just a picture?
  9. Ok, we could always just come up with the plot as it plays out too. And like maybe. Picture and then just a brief description. Name, age, personality stuff like that. No need to go too detailed since there's a pic
  10. Good enough for me, just post it in this thread?
  11. Yeah, and I'll post mine and I can make a thread to start the role play
  12. What kind of picture do you want
  13. Just a small one, any kind is fine as long as it's accurate to what your character looks like. It can be animated, drawn, real etc doesn't matter
  14. Name : Saerwen
    Age: 23
    Position: Warrior,skilled swords woman and archer
    Personality: She is sarcastic, but is very focused and dedicated to her duty. She can be rude at times, but only when she feels she is being dealt an injustice. She is very loyal to those she trusts, and has vowed to protect then with her life.
  15. Bleh the photo didn't upload, forgot how difficult it was to upload on an iPod
  16. Name: Tarron
    Appearance: Here
    Position: Prince and a Mage (Does have skill with a sword from being forced to learn)
    Personality: Tarron will do anything for his people, even if it means going to war. He is friendly to most and they believe that he would be a good Commander, he is okay in a fight by himself with his Magic and skill with a Blade. He can be one of the rudest people you meet if you get on his bad side and he is loyal to his Kingdom.
  17. It's fine, reading it now :c
  18. Ok, again sorry, I didn't realize we were gonna be leaving that early lol
  19. Oh yeah, before you or I forget. Did you have a picture for your character

    Almost done with my reply.
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