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  1. Hi!! ^ . ^

    So I've been looking for a few role-play partners that would be willing to role-play some plots with me. Here are some pairings I'm interested in:

    - Younger sibling x Older sibling
    - Best friend x best friend
    - Bad Boy x Good Girl
    - Enemy Boy x Enemy Girl
    - Stranger x Stranger

    In all of these pairings I'd like them to stay teenagers around 16-19 because that's what I'm most comfortable with role-playing with but if you'd like a little older or younger I'm sure we could work something out. I'm also open to many different pairings if you're interested in role-playing, just shoot me also PM.

    Also, here is role-play plots I have really been interested in playing but haven't found anyone to role-play with!

    -A Summer Fling
    Character A loves to travel. She usually goes to visit a different place every summer or winter or on any break she gets away from school or work. This summer she decides to go to Maine and spend the summer with a friend she's bringing with her. While in Maine, she meets Character B. Character A and Character B start to spend a lot of time together and Character B starts to fall for each Character A. As summer goes on and they fall more in love and get closer, the closer summer is coming to an end when character A has to leave character B to go back to Alabama where she lives. Will their love last or will it break apart from long distance?

    -The Notebook
    (I don't know how to explain this really but if you've ever watched The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks then you'd completely understand what I'm looking for in the role-play. If you haven't but you're still interested in it then you can PM me and I can further explain the plot through there!)

    Thanks for reading this, I hope you're interested! ^ . ^
  2. Anyone?? No.. okay then... *walks away sadly*
  3. I'd like to roleplay the bad boy x good girl with you
  4. I'd love to play best friend x best friend c:
  5. Awesome just PM me and we can chat!! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.