Rock'n'Roleplay (New RP Podcast!)

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    A brand new podcast which unites music and roleplay in beautiful harmony!

    "Umm, what?"

    What do you mean what?! Music, writing, painting, roleplaying - these are all forms of art, right?

    The RnRP crew believes that exploring roleplay's depths will lead us to useful and insightful revelations about the world, ourselves and society. Music is a stimulant for the soul, urging us closer to the unseen realities hidden in our emotes.
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    an exploration of things macabre and deeply unsettling

    For the vibe is dark and full of terrors.

    Our first official episode seems to have coincided with Hallowe'en... What a vexing situation.

    To honor this most deliciously dark of Autumn days we've decided to focus on Horror Roleplay in all its manifestations!

    Myself and the other hosts will be presenting a fully voiced RP campaign in White Falls, an original setting inspired by David Lynch's Twin Peaks.

    Also, we'll be spending some time with EmberBlue and discussing her very fun and creepy witch, Wrenowith.

    Give a listen to the complete episode: Horror Rock'n'Roleplay
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.