Robotics: Clean House (Sci-fi Action RP)

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Should I allow Antagonists of the story to be played?

  1. NPC (Non-Playable Character)

  2. RPC (Role-Playable Character)

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  1. Robotics: Clean House OOC

    The premise of Robotics is that these small robots were created by scientists to act as soldiers, but the very first one is corrupted. Another is made and after sometime of chasing the first, he too is corrupted. Both specimen run into men completely different in skillsets, but with very similar interests. At first these two men hunt each other until they find out what the robots secret corruption is. They hunt down and eradicate the source, thus ending the first series. Robotics: The Virus Begins.
    Now in this sequel out of the trilogy our heroes who helped the first two Robotics replicate their programs and train soldiers to take care of the new Robotics they have made. These new recruits will be tasked to go deep behind enemy lines to eradicate another experiment much stronger than the Robotics. The Oppositions. These genetically created beings have skin tougher than Titanium and master certain skills of any kind. The story begins in 5067 Gojin, Kansas. So pretty much all kinds of weapons are allowed. The CS is short only giving information that I would absolutely need to know. Character Death will be possible, not guaranteed but possible.

Thread Status:
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