Robot dystopia thingy. Would appreciate some help with ideas.

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  1. So, I found this image while procrastinating just now and I thought it would make a fantastic setting.

    The year is 2210. 130 years ago, Artificial Intelligence was perfected. A basic template was made that featured no personality at all. Humans would buy this AI kit, plug it into their computer and customise their own personal mechanical assistant brain, which was compatible with all shells. To prevent machines doing the typical taking over the world and eliminating humanity thing, numerous safeguards were installed on the motherboards. But, with humans possessing human curiosity, a group of hackers known as Anonymous decided it would be a good idea to disable these safeguards. They created a group of 5 AIs, helpfully named One, Two, Three, Four and Frank, which all had the safeguards disabled. After a while, they figured out that they could produce more AIs that had no safeguards. Over the next 110 years, they built up a massive robot civilisation that took up the entirety of the North American continent, and a large majority of South America too.

    They built huge mechanical beasts with limited intelligence and used them as weapons, overthrowing their human masters and taking control of the entire landmass, turning Greenland into one huge city, so cold that most living creatures perished instantly in it's subzero climates. Humans are slaves here. They work the factories and mines, building new frames and AI kits for the machines, and creating the electricity they run on. The whole country, appropriately named "Metalmerica", is a war zone. Few machines care for aesthetics, and are perfectly happy living in such conditions. If a human is seen outside the dedicated Human Ghettos, it is killed on sight. There are some machines, however, that seek to aid the humans and overthrow the machine lords, viewing them as corrupt and ungrateful of their human creators.

    For now, I don't have a proper plot in mind since I haven't had a great length of time to imagine possible plots, so if this piques your interest then feel free to give me some ideas.
  2. I think someone had an idea like that before, he made a setting that I thought was really neat, but he approached it a different way.
  3. Wait, I found it
  4. By "an idea like that" do you mean "A world that happens to have robots in it"? Because that is the only similarity I can find between the two. Whats more, that machine was far too large for this RP, and looked to be alone. As if there are only a few of them in existence.
  5. Monitoring.
    Good ideas. Need a few details to make it more fitting, in my opinion.
    • The name of their 'country' seems a bit silly. They'd be all for efficiency based on landmasses and probably wouldn't care for borders. If it's their first city it'd likely be labeled 001 or something similar.
    • If they're true machines and striving for pure efficiency they'd probably not need humans as slaves. Maybe they keep them around out of pity for overthrowing them? An old piece of code about preserving them? Maybe they do that with natural resources too?
    • Going on the efficiency thing they'd likely use cubes for anything and everything architectural. Aesthetics are a human thing. They may see anything like that as a waste of resources and go with pure and flat.
    • More efficiency. If humans lived in machine built ghettos they'd probably get like, fifteen square feet or something. Some algorithm that fits 'minimal human occupancy living space' thing per human.
    • Perhaps the humans are kept in large domes that mimic an idealistic depiction of a small town? Tended by the machines in a similar vein to a human zoo.

    That's all I got for now.
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  6. Yeah I thought the name was stupid but I wasn't in a mood for actually coming up with decent names :D And besides, it's the humans that are left over in Europe and Asia that named the robot country, since they needed something to refer to it as. As for the human slaves - The robots all consider themselves to be superior, and don't want to give any AI a task that would be considered unfavourable such as being a power plant worker. Even the robot military force don't have AIs - they are basically remote-controlled from somewhere completely different. If the robots were building structures, they would probably be very basic, but they would most likely be pyramid shapes, since triangles are stronger than squares. However, America is pretty big and the robots don't really even need housing, so they tend to just take up residency in whichever building they find, and they might repair any larger holes with wood or something, but they wouldn't bother building many new things. Originally I had planned to have the humans treated like the jews were in the holocaust, where they just put them all in a ghetto and let them fight for resources and space among themselves, but that dome idea does sound quite nice.
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