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  1. I've (finally) gone ahead and made a group for this, so this will be the last thread announcing a roast. Yay!

    Sunday the 15th at Noon (Mountain Time) there will be another roast! What is a roast? A roast is when a group of people come together on Skype to read a role play, then dissect it for the purposes of learning from it and for comedic effect. In essence: We read a role play, we have a good time doing so by taking it apart to find its flaws.

    If you want in, join the group and add me on Skype: brovo196

    Hope to see some of you there! :ferret:
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  2. You need to do a roast during a weekday so I can actually listen! I can't do it when my kids are home. :(
  3. I might be there.
  4. I requested to join the group (I think?).
  5. I'll try. ^^;
  6. @Brovo

    Have you ever thought of recording them? So other people could listen in later? I'm just wondering! Sundays are never good for me (plus way too shy) But they seem like a lot of fun!
  7. Might join if only to improve my own roleplaying skill and writing style. It might be good to analyze other roleplays even if it is in a comical sort of fashion.
  8. I requested to join the group!
  9. The file size would be insanely huge, but I'll consider it.
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