Roast 5: Now with Maple Syrup

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  1. Told you I would use and abuse this @Diana mwahahahaha!

    As with last roast, there is a new roast SUNDAY 11th. Starting at Noon Mountain Time. (2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. 7:00 PM UK Time.) If you want to be there, mention it over Skype, leave a message in the thread here and add me on Skype (brovo196), or send me a PM with your Skype so I can add you.

    As always, all for good fun, hope to see y'all there!

    Roast Info (open)
    For those who aren't aware of what a roast is yet: A roast is when I and a bunch of others get together on Skype, read some role plays, and dissect their plots and characters for the purpose of entertainment and learning. People can suggest RPs to be roasted as well! There's a few hard rules, such as never making personal attacks against other people, never publicly criticizing the role plays (especially in the OOC's of said role plays), et cetera. Basically: While satire, sarcasm, and dry wit, are fully acceptable, personal attacks and the like are not.

    Do not harass people on the forums. Obviously. This is meant for fun, so we can gather and read some role plays together for comedy and education. Not to attack people. :<
    #2: More will be added over time as necessary, but for now, there's been no significant issues!

    Oh, and to quickly clear this up: Yes, you can invite your friends, you don't need my permission to invite others into the Skype call. A couple people asked me this so may as well clear it up here.
  2. YES! I can finally witness the beauty of one of these because I am off on Sunday!!!
  3. Mayhaps I'll be there!
  4. I'd like to tune in and see what this is like ^_^
  5. As I said, just make sure you have me on Skype!
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  6. Message me your Skype ID?
  7. brovo196 (it's up there in his post).
  8. Right, I skim read a little too much.
  9. The title made me first think we were going to roast you about how Canadian you are.

    This sounds good, too. If I don't join this time, I'd be up for the next. Need to make a new account.
  10. I'll be there for sure :D And if it's the rp you said it would be, then I'll sit outside in the cold all night if I have to xD
  11. I'll be there, space cowboy. :p
  12. This sounds like fun but I would need to be up at 6 AM...and at least half-an-hour earlier and lots of tea to be awake by then...*growls*

    ...Now I just want to see if I can do it.


    Edit: Ya I won't be able to do it. Bummer.
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  13. Why must they always be on Sunday instead of one of my totally free days? :lol:

    I'll join in for the fist couple hours or so, before I've got to hit the hay to go to work that night.
  14. As per usual I'm in unless something at random comes up.
  15. *Interest Intensifies*

    This sounds like something that could be fun.
    Skype: addictx360
  16. *Bumping so Brovo can be blessed with even more last minute additions*
  17. Roast is over! It was fun, we learned some valuable lessons! Such as formatting 101 and how not to construct females!
  18. Also, dragons!
    don't google image search this, people!
  19. I know where that's from...

    My favorite type of porn C:
  20. Hey! It ain't porn!...It's censored, makes it just a normal image :)