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  1. RP Intro (open)
    On the fringe edges of Chesterfield before the Palisade, there lay the lower urban sprawl of the bustling city. Veins of metal tracks and asphalt roads crossed the expanse, all the way to and through the core, and back out to the docks, and the highways and freight lines that went beyond the walls.

    Nestled between the roads of the Ring, overpasses and multi-laned bypasses all, and the intimidating walls of the Palisade, hidden in the shadow of the highways, was 405 Haverwood Lane. A small apartment complex, if one was generous enough to call it that. Those more poetic and sarcastic called it the ‘Diamond in the Rough’. Stacked housing for those who couldn’t afford the convenience of living in the city itself, and had to commute; known for its leaking water, patchy internet, and a crotchety landlord, just as much as it was for everyone having to pitch in together to keep the place from falling apart while the landlord did little to help.

    You are one of the tenants of that apartment building.

    Or, rather, you were.

    With conditions failing, rent rising sharply, and the cost simply not being worth the place, you and your flatmates have decided that you’re going to pick up stakes and go elsewhere.

    You have little tying you to Chesterfield. Maybe a dead end job, a relationship that’s going nowhere, or some bullshit family drama. The other ‘Rough Riders’, tenants of the Diamond in the Rough you had amicable relations with, aren’t your best friends, but you’re closer with them than maybe an occasional old pal from school, or workplace friend.

    What you do have, however, is an opportunity.

    Across the country, one of the Rough Riders has a cousin, with connections to cheaper living and what sounds like a better life. It’d require not only moving places, but moving cities. Moving almost all the way across the Empire. So you slept on it, thought of what you should do, and after group meetings, you put in your notice, you said your goodbyes, you packed up your things, shipping most of them there without you, you told the landlord to fuck off, and together you and the Rough Riders got ready for a bit of actual riding.

    Welcome to Roadtrip, an RP about picking up and moving on.

    You are one of the Rough Riders, a collection of tenants from the Diamond in the Rough who had decided to, together, move to a different complex in a different city- on the other side of the Empire. A trip filled with wondrous sights, mythical visages, fantastic beasts, and grave dangers. The Marches are not so safe, lacking the Palisades and relying on CRIT patrols, and you can be thankful you won’t ever have to venture into the Wilds...

    The world of Roadtrip is a fantastical and modern setting. Less in the line of things such as the Masquerade, where the supernatural is real but hidden, in Roadtrip the supernatural is a known quantity. The expanses between the walled cities, the Marches, are filled with majestic and dangerous creatures, Hedgemagi, and more. The Empire rules and maintains order with highly trained Critical Response and Interception Teams ( CRITs ), and a backing of imperial sanctioned Court Magi- tasked with maintaining the Palisades, and handling any dangerous Hegemagi or beasts that would threaten people. These just exist alongside modern conveniences, such as indoor plumbing, high literacy rates, and internet memes.

    Magic exists.

    It is the source of the power behind the Palisades, the Court Magi, the Hedgemagi, and a variety of the fantastical creatures of the lands. However, magic is restrictive. It’s not a list of spells one can use, but rather a single, or group, of powers that one has access too. For example, a mage could have the ability to create and manipulate flame, but no matter how hard they try they would never be able to do anything but that- even if they can do it very well. However magic comes with secondary powers, things that permit the power to even be used. Continuing the fire mage example, they would not be at any harm from their fire, if not most fire, so they could use their power effectively.

    Magic has limits.

    The powers available to one seem to be naturally restricted in some ways. Using the fire mage example, the mage maybe couldn’t start fires too far from themselves, or within targets, or where they couldn’t see. Restrictions vary, mage to mage. But more than those magical limits, are legal ones. Magi either fall in line with the Empire and become Court Magi, or go rogue- either hiding or trying to privately benefit from their powers as Hedgemagi. Then there are those who openly rebel, and bring discord and strife.

    Those who rebel and survive are feared. Few wish enjoy the company of successful Dark Magi.

    At the start of the RP, your Rough Rider will be a pretty normal person. After the opening arc, they will be a mage.

    You will not be choosing your power, nor the limits of it. You can make requests on the power’s function, general type of desired utility, but that’s about it.
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  2. This sounds like good fun, and I'm interested ! I think I'd like to play som kind of drug dealer , I think my friend @Piper will also be party of my shady cartel, dealing in snake oil and fake "magical" remedies. That's at least our first idea ! :)
  3. This intrigues me. I like it :D
  4. @Sir Basil and I aren't dead set on the idea, obviously, but you can at least tell we're already planning on this coming to fruition. That's gotta be a good sign, right?
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  5. I'm interested how this rp will go. I'll probably join
  6. Watching this.
  7. This already is getting more interest than I thought it would. Which is nice, as I don't expect all the interest it does get to remain.

    That said, let's give this a bit of a

    Celebratory World Building Reveal!
    Brought to you by Elendra

    In hopes of keeping interest going and maybe gaining more, here's a few details about the world that your character would know! Magi edition.

    Prominent Court Magi (open)
    Going to reveal the most Prominent Court Magi of all; The Archmagi
    • Solar- The Emperor's brother is a powerful magi, and leader of the Archmagi. He glows, radiant with seemingly divine splendour, and can shoot lasers of golden light. He has also shown that he can manipulate the light he blasts to create temporary constructs, and to fly.
    • Eidolon- The unofficial best friend of CRIT, Eidolon is lacking in any abilities he can use on himself. Rather, he is instead able to empower non-magi with temporary, albeit random, magical abilities.
    • Trinity- Deformed by her magic, Trinity has three faces upon one head. One of her youth, one of her age, and one of what should have been her future. Trinity is now ageless, has magical strength and speed, and flight.
    • Roc- A king over avians, Roc is able to control birds. All types of birds. He can communicate with them, sense through them, and manipulate them over wide ranges.
    • Focus- A technological magi, Focus is the creator of much of the magitech in the world and CRIT's official best friend magi. Every CRIT rapid response ship, detainment gun, and med-evac teleporter, the abandoned moon colony, and more are because of her. She is also the creator of the Oubliette, a maximum security prison for dangerous Hedgemagi.

    Prominent Dark Magi (open)
    Do not be mistaken into thinking that the Dark Magi are simply magi devoted to crime, or self indulgence, or what have you. Those would be Hedgemagi. The Dark Magi seek to destroy. Overthrow. Ruin. They are why dangerous Hedgemagi are put in the Oubliette instead of killed. Because the Court Magi may need their help against the Dark Magi.

    These are the most prominent of the Dark Magi- Apolyon. Magi so powerful and warped that some wonder if they're even capable of being called human any more.

    • The Lycan- Capable of transforming people into monsters, though not limited to werewolves. Stands twice as tall as a person, with a body like an overgrown werewolf if not for the head which appears like a calm, demure, feminine rabbit.
    • The Ogre- Capable of unleashing terrible 'natural' disasters on a macro scale, manipulating the elements with great ease. Also appears to be rather large, on par with large beasts, but is still distinctly human, and distinctly male.
    • The Banshee- Capable of necromancy, mental domination, flight, and more. Is only as large as a normal person, but appears ghostly, and sexless. The Banshee's limbs are elongated, spindly, and weak- as if incredibly atrophied and stretched.
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  9. oh look more interest guess that means i can reveal another two DARK MAGI

    The Grey- Unlike the Apolyon, the Grey isn't a force of nature. He's just a very messed up individual, a serial killer, with a rather intimidating power. He creates small fields of localised time manipulation. Everything within the field is trapped within it for four days. However, they experience those four days in the span of moments in real time. Most starve, or go mad. From the outside looking in, it appears that everything within the field is fastforwarding, like a VHS tape, though lacking colour. These time fields have made it hard to capture him, as he usually simply casually locks pursuers or those wishing to harm him within them and leaves otherwise unobstructed. He also appears to have some form of accelerated healing.

    The Goblin King- A similar Dark Mage to The Lycan, the Goblin King is both more threatening and far more benign. He's able to create monstrous 'goblins' with his touch, taking human flesh and reshaping it into twisted people. People he twists become aggressive and loyal to him. Further, his goblins are also able to mimic this ability, though they require greater numbers working together to get the same result. Goblins made by goblins are also loyal to the Goblin King. Goblins are able to also reshape each other to try to adapt to problems. While this would appear to make him a far greater threat, the Goblin King is currently successfully contained within the city he once called his home, now his Kingdom- the Palisade effective at holding him and his goblins in just as it would normally hold horrors out. The Lycan, like the others of the Apolyon, has no such problems getting past the Palisade.

    and that out of the way, gonna work on a character sheet i guess
  10. And here is a WIP character sheet.

    Civilian Name: < a normal name >
    Mage Name: < blank for now >
    Age: < you rent an apartment, be reasonable >
    Gender Identity: < male, female, trans, agender, third gender, other >

    Appearance: < if you’re going with text, put that here. If you’re going with image, put that at the beginning >
    Presentation: < how do they carry themselves, portray themselves, dress themselves, posture, tone they speak with- not physical appearance itself >

    Primary Motivation(s): < things you want to get done that you are not really willing to compromise on IC >
    Secondary Motivation(s): < things that you want to get done but are willing to compromise on IC >
    Obstacles & Obligations: < things that have gotten in your way, or you could expect to, favours you have already or can call in >

    Approach to Problem Solving: < examples; they approach it head on, they try to coordinate, they avoid the problem, they spend time thinking of how to handle it best, they improvise, etc >
    Example of them solving a problem: < OPTIONAL >

    Magical Power Utility Style: < what sort of things do you want the power to be able to do? Preferably rank desirability of utility too if more than one thing. Examples- information gathering, physical changes, offensive power at melee, or range, the ability to mess with other magic, magic that disguses you or something, magic that controls things, etc etc etc >
    Magic Power: < blank for now, you'll fill this in when you get it >

    History & Background: < doesn’t have to be long >
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  11. Whelp. I'm sewing myself to this RP. Yas.
    I love High Modern Fantasy, and this World Building is so much fun to read. It's very unique and quirky.

    And I like that WIP CS. It asks some nice character development questions, which I always love answering. They get me to think about my character more.
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