Road Trip

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Everyone always looked at her weird. It was probably because her hair was the color of cotton candy. Or because her eyes were a bright shade of blue that wasn't really common where she lived. Well it was common but apparently in her it made her look like she was a different breed of human. She was walking over to probably her best friends house and now she was just being stared at as she walked up the stairs to his small apartment. Aubrey couldn't even figure out why they still stared because her coming over here wasn't a new thing, hell this was like her second home since she had some clothes over here anyways.

They had been friends since they were younger but sometimes, she couldn't stand him cause he could be such a prick sometimes. But then she always got over it and forgave him in the end. "Hey open up! I brought snacks" she shouted as she beat on the door her hands full of bags. She had stopped at the grocery store and gas station before she made her way over here. "I even got your favorite chips" she was always this way since he tended to become a zombie as he was answering the door. It was like she had to bargain with him just to get inside his house. "Jeez you take forever slow poke" she mumbled still loud enough for him to hear but not loud enough for his whole building to hear.

James laughed as he walked down the stairs of his apartment and opened up the door."Jeez. Calm down woman. At least give me a few minutes to out some clothes on,"he said allowing her in but grabbing his favorite chips as she walked under his chin. Sometimes he really really loved his best friends and other times he really wanted to tape her mouth shut and lock her in a closet for three months. Either way, he wouldn't trade her for the world.

As James shut the door and opened the bag of chips, he crunched and smiled before walking up to his room with her following and plopped down on his bed."Okay so since today is our last day home... I declare we have movie night and you stay over and them we can leave earlier tomorrow,"he said raising an eyebrow. "How about it?"he asked tossing a chip towards her mouth and taking a drink of his sweet tea.
Catching the chip in her mouth she nodded eating the rest of the chip. "Sure I'm up for it but you now we have to stop by my place and get my bags" Aubrey sat down beside him grabbing another handful of chips out his bag. "I also brought sweets, drinks, and more's my cheat day so I can get all fat, I mean I am a fat girl at heart" she placed the other bags on the bed and reached over taking the remote to see what was on tv. "Are we going to see what's on TV or do you have an amazing movie on DVD?" She looked over at him and popped a chip in her mouth with a small smile.

Since they weren't really attending the same college, James had figured that they took a huge road trip before school started. Of course she agreed cause she hadn't been anywhere out of the state and adventuring was in her blood. Plus, even as much as she could hate him sometimes, she didn't want to lose him to the school he was going to. "Promise me that on this road trip we won't try to fight like we do...I want this to be fun and sometimes we can go at it like animals" she looked up at him and laid her head in his shoulder. She used to be the shy girl and he used to always stand up for her when someone would try to pick on her that's why they became friends in the first place. But then she became more outspoken and that caused them to always clash cause they were both stubborn assholes sometimes.
"Eh I don't know about that. You know how much I love to argue,"he teased, kissing her forehead softly with a chuckle."Yeah yeah yeah okay we won't fight a lot. I promise. Now go pick out a DVD and put it in while I make popcorn,"he said jumping up and running downstairs. After he made a bag of popcorn and grabbed a couple sodas, James walked back upstairs and jumped on the bed, digging into all the fat, junk food that his friend had brought for them.

"We should save some of this for the ride so we don't have to stop a lot. By the way, are you all packed? We can watch a movie and then go get them and then come back and watch a few more movies before we fall asleep?"he asked with a chip in his mouth.
"Yeah I'm already packed n' stuff...if you want after this we can go and get them...but I'm in the mood for a horrible horror movie so let's watch Friday the 13th" smiling as she held the DvD in her hands doing a small little dance. Watching the movie at the age of seven, of course she was scared. Watching it at eighteen was way more hilarious than it was scary so she picked it as a horror movie but it ways seemed like a comedy.

"Why don't we do a horror night, reason to cuddle right?" She teased chuckling and jumped back on the bed beside him laying down. Grabbing a soda cracking it open she pressed play on the movie watching as it started.
James rolled his eyes at his best friend and chuckled."Alright, don't have to convince me. I love horror movies... and cuddling. Put it in and turn the lights of silly,"he said as he laid back and took a drink of soda. As he hopped on the bed, James slid an arm around her shoulder and laughed slightly as the movie first began then got quiet as he paid attention, already knowing every word and scene in the movie.

After the movie finally ended, James slid a shirt on and grabbed his keys."Alright let's get your stuff and come back so that we can watch some more scary movies!"he said excitedly as he jumped in his truck and waited for her impatiently.
She agreed to watching horror movies with him completely forgetting how much he loved them. Sighing at his frantic words she brought her drink and walked down to his truck hopping in the passengers side still sipping on the soda. "Well then let's hurry up...I don't know why I keep forgetting how kid like you get with horror movies" she said a small chuckle escaping from her lips as she put her seat belt on and waited for him to start the car. Deep down she always hated trucks and she still couldn't figure out why he got this huge thing cause unlike her small car it was harder to drive. Well at least to her it was harder to drive cause she couldn't get a handle on the stupid thing, so in conclusion she hated trucks and even hated driving in them.
James started up his truck and pulled out of his drive way, making his way towards Aubrey's hi use,he pulled in and jumped out of his truck. After opening up the back so they could pile her bags in, he walked with her to her house and into her room. After grabbing a few of the heavier bags, he walked back to his truck and put them inside. After everything of Aubrey's was in his truck, James hopped back in and they began to drive back to his apartment.

When the two got back to his apartment,James shut and locked the door before they went upstairs to continue their movie night. Eventually,after a few more movies, both of the friends fell asleep on the bed, sleeping peacefully until the morning alarm came, waking James up with a groan.
"Dammit James turn it off..." She rolled over and ended up falling off the bed instead. "Ow.." She mumbled rubbing her head as she sat up looking around for her pants. Standing up from her spot on the floor she looked around and combed her fingers through her hair. Looking at the time she rubbed her eyes and saw how early he had set the alarm and groaned. "Why did you set it so early...and where are my pants?" She mumbled rubbing her back as she looked around his room trying to find her pants so she wasn't walking around his apartment half naked.

"James get up I'm about to get in the the time I'm out you need to be up" she poked his face and kissed his forehead softly then stood up straight heading over to his closet and grabbed the first outfit she saw. Grabbing a pair of denim high waisted shorts with a black sweater that had the batman logo on it. Hopping into the shower she washed her hair and took another ten minuets to wash herself. Once she got out she brushed through her wet hair, put a little bit of makeup on then put on her outfit on and walked out of the bathroom.
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