Road to Wrestlemania (Need 10 people)

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  1. The WWE (World Wresting Entertainment) announced the King of The Ring tournament, and it will happen yearly. The winner will face the John Cena for the WWE Championship and AJ Lee (if Diva) for the Diva's Championship. It will go over the last 5 months of the WWE season (Last being Wrestlemania). While the first yearly King of the Ring tournament starts qualify rounds, several new superstars get signed and join the tournament. One of them, being named Ryan Lionel beat John Cena for the WWE Championship. This created a new era called the The SuperStar Era. That was in 2004.

    Now, they are even more new superstars then ever before. John Cena wants vengeance on Ryan Lionel. Lionel has made a group of superstars called the Lionel Fighters. They invaded the WWE. John Cena rounded up the rest of the other superstars as the Free WWE. It's really divided.
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  2. May I suggest letting people know what the RP is going to be about while giving some detail?

    1. Not everyone is going to know what Wrestle Mania is.
    2. What is your version of it?
    3. Are we using original characters or characters of our own?
    4. Is it just going to be constant fighting or will there be a story?

    I enjoy Wrestle Mania but if I don't know anything other than "Need 10 People" than I would have no interest in participating. You want to grab the other people's attention with information, pictures, colors and details. Good luck and hope you take my advice for your time here on Iwaku! :) I want you to have the best experience here.
  3. Can you help with the story?
  4. I suppose I can take some time to help you. I'll private message you!
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