Road to Insanity (Small, Lovecraftian Horror.)

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  1. Ello. Hellis here. I had a late night jolt of inspiration. This idea is a bit screwy and I am likely gonna go with a small group of 4-5 people. It is Eldricht Themed Horror/Road Trip RP. The players are "chosen" aka poor bastards who woke up one day, realizing that the world is ending and that a secret war is raged between different ancient elder gods with our reality as a price. With only the instructions of random post its found in our homes, we have to navigate a world going completely mad.

    The game will be high lethality, and quite brutal at times. Our characters sanity will also be eroding as we go, depending on what weend up being exposed to. The players will be travelling across the states to begin with, to different locations hinted to by our mystery helper and his post it notes.


    "Ever been stuck in a dream you cannot possibly wake up from? A nightmare so twisted, you can feel it even as you wake? Do see things staring back at you in your mirror. Welcome to my life, to OUR life. Don't worry, You are not going insane. Or maybe you are. Can't be to sure when dealing with another form of reality.

    But you are also growing aware of the things eating our reality piece by piece. The elder gods, the once slumberings creatures of the insane land beyond our understanding. Oh yes, they are back, they are here to claim our home for their own. We all seen the signs. The strange, otherwordly men in wierd masks that nobody seem to notice. The random deaths of farmers and their cattles. The small towns commiting organized mass suicides.

    They do not see it. But we do. We see it all. We can see our reality giving way and we can't really do anything about it but to follow the clues we have been given. Little post it notes telling us of secret libraries, and strange phone calls telling us names not meant for human ears. We are stuck in a game between several major powers. The Yellow King walks among our dreams, chosing his new apostles. The shapeshifter Nyarloteph shakes the hands of our world leaders. The children of Dargon sinks fishing vessels and kidnap women off the Atlantic coast."
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  2. Fixed the pitch a bit
  3. Possibly interested.

    When would this be set? Is it something modern day or set in more traditional Lovecraftian (1920's-30's-ish) times?

    Sorry to nitpick, but you might double check the spelling of names. Might be a turn off for some people? ._.
  4. It would be set in Modern Day.
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