Rizen: Battlefront

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  1. Basically I had an idea for a role play and I need people to play in it. Generally the plot is that in the future an all out war started for an element called Kel and from that Kel you can make anything. It can give you super strength like the juggernaut. The sight of an eagle. The power to make super weapons. The implications are almost limitless. From this war there are three factions that have arose. The Agents of Destruction AKA Bouncers, God's right hand AKA angels, and The faction zero. They fight all over the city of Rizen for what little scraps they can and little pockets of Kel mines. More detail in the OOC in my signature or right here:


    Participation would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. Do we apply here ...or?
  3. the link has the OOC to sign up