RiverValley Moon's rise

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  1. The Sound of Thundering Hooves on hard ice, Heavy desperation thickening the air, a silent predetor, burning instinct in its mighty claws, rip through skin through flesh until hitting bone, lifting its blood stained muzzle to the sky and letting out its cry haunting its kill's spirit for Eternity....

    Midnight- i just came out of my den, shaking my white pelt, i gazed over the hillside where yesterdays elk was killed, i tasted the air, it was a crisp fall morning, i headed down the hill to get a drink from the still river.

    Dusk- i had gone out early to patrol the territory, constantly checking the air for bears, i stopped to sniff the ground where fresh footprints were made in the soft earth "a female hare...pregnant.." i lifted my head, a twig snapped behind the bushes near by i stood my ground lips drawn back in a snarl
    (oh, fyi your only supposto play as a wolf, thankyou :) )