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    Riverdale High



    Thomas Howard


    Tom sighed deeply, rubbing his head where he had just bumped it against the firm wall of glass which formed the window he had been leaning it against. Slowly he opened his eyes, taking a look around the coach he was in, and had been in for long enough now; the coach was packed, full of other students travelling to the same place as him, Riverdale high, a boarding school. He wasn't particularly looking forward to it, though he wasn't unhappy about it either. He gazed out of the window at the passing Oak trees as a heavy rain started to pelt against them. Sighing again as he looked into the sky, "Great", he thought to himself. It looked like it would be raining for a while, and almost as if nature was mocking him, the rain turned to light hail. The sound of chatter burst into his eardrums, pulling his headphones from his bag, untangling them he pushed them clumsily into his ears, hoping he wouldn't be disturbed for the rest of the journey.


    Tom woke with a fright, eyesight hazy he looked around in confusion, realizing that he sound in his ears was still coming from his headphone’s he pulled them from his ears, as the coach was slowing down, eventually pulling to complete a halt. He followed the rest of the students out of the Coach, as the driver explained they were to pick up their timetables from main reception where they would be directed to the main activities hall for some kind of opening ceremony.

    He slung his bag over his shoulder as he strolled up the dirt path to the old building which formed the main part of the school. Upon entering he found himself in a large room, ornately decorated. This was the main reception and student services, a sign placed above the entrance doors told him. Proceeding to the only desk in the room, where the receptionist was sitting, he received his timetable, dorm key, and started to make his way to the hall. When he got there it was scarcely populated, though it filled quickly, he took a seat at the back of the hall, in a squeaky, plastic chair.

    He looked up at a grand stage at the front of the hall; a woman was standing there, she was middle-aged, and wearing a long, peach-coloured dress, presumably the Principal.

    "Hello and welcome to Riverdale High" She began with a smile.......
  2. [​IMG]Elijah sat somewhere between the middle and the front. He haden't expected to see as many students as he did but then again it was a boarding school and there was new students such as himself and then other students were returning. He could tell by the conversations that were going on around him. Some students were asking questions about the school and what was cool to do so he automatically knew they were new and others were chatting about messing with certain teachers and asking what classes did their friends have this year. It didn't take long before the small drops that fell upon his window turned into lound pumbling sounds and hee glanced out to see it was raining.

    Closing his eyes he tried to envisualize how the school would be and what the classes and the other students would be like. Already judging by how some of the wanna be tough students were acting on the bus he knew that he would be in an altercation sooner or later. Elijah knew that he had a short temper, ever since he was a kid. He used to get into numerous of fights with other kids until his parenst decided to train him in military combat whiich worked but it made his temper worse and he ingured other people more frequently. The rain started to lit up and he looked out watching the trees fill up close to one another.

    Finially the coach stopped and some of the students were heading out. He looked down at his cellphone for a breif moment before placing it on his pocket and then placing his over his shoulder. He followed the people out the coach and the smell of the rain from before filled his nose. Looking at the school he was glad he was their, he hated being wit his parents and anything to get away from them was paridise. Once inside he looked around at the pictures that hung up on the wall and how the room was decorated. Walking up to the desk he got his key to his dorm and some timetable. He walked and then took a seat as the women up front. He wasn't really paying attention, instead he was looking at the tattoo on his arm.
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    Max tugged at her school jacket hoping that it wasn't obvious that her chest still hurt from the recent surgery she had, had to reduce her chest. This wasn't the first time she'd been in this school. Everyone already knew her back story cause she'd been there the previous year thanks to the parents she had yet didn't live with, and her none straightness, but that really only made her situation worse. With one hand she rubbed the back of her neck as she stepped into the main lobby where all the new kids were just loathing the moment they found out about her.

    Almost instantly though she was thrown too the floor by one of the upperclassmen where the priciple couldn't see and she grunted arms going up to gaurd her face like always, but all they did was hiss, "Freak." before walking off. She stayed there for a long moment before stiffly getting to her feet wondering if anyone else had seen what had happened but all she could really see was a bunch of new people either scared, or bored.

    She sighed softly looking up at the principel wondering if she'd get called up there to talk since she had a domination on the music department. Well what are you going to do when you're there on a scolarship. You domaite the topic of which the scolarship focuses on. Although almost as if on cue the priciple called her up there saying, "Now we will hear from one of the many students, the student head of the music department, Mary Frenzel."

    Again she sighed wanting to hide from the sudden over welming terror building up in her gut about the many people that be looking at her, but she quickly jogged up there looking out at the crowd. "Actually its Max, Max Frenzel..." she said trying not to squeak, but failing.

    One of the older kids yelled something that she didn't hear, but probably didn't want to so she simple continued.

    "Like she said I'm the student head of the music department here, and this year we have a great year lined up ahead of us with a preformance of 'Into the Woods' to be preformed, and also the Orchestra is having their ever famous pops concernt so folks if you play an instrument of some kind, and no a toy is not an instrument. Come tryout and have a good time with us. There's always a party going on of some kind." She quickly finished up hoping the new kids didn't make the connect of the gay slang to the fact of her very guy appearance.
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    Alayna walked through the front double doors with no care in the world. Another year at a school she loathed that people she hated even more. Her bag was hitched over one shoulder and the skateboard held to her side in the other hand. Her short brown hair would have normally given off the vibe of a male but the rest of her body spoke other wise. She was well developed in all areas even given the gift of curves. Her light blue eyes pierced through the crowds stopping on the sight of a young woman getting pushed down and getting called a freak. "Rude imbeciles." She huffed.

    She began to move again seeing the female get swooped up again. "Freak!" The word rang out again. That was it. She hated ignorant people. Her body walked up close then dropped the bag from her shoulder. Anya's hand reached out and grabbed the collar of the individual who hollered out the close minded comment. The girl was the one of the youngest in her class yet often left guys leaving perverted comments about her. That even had started rumors of her being a whore and such. In the reality mind set of things, it was only in their dreams it would be true. The guy fell back with his back flat against the floor. Her body straddled over the alpha male.

    A smirk spread across her face. That normally meant it wasn't a good thing. "You want to say close minded crap to a person? Why not say it to me jerk!" Her eyes shot through the crowd once more landing on the female again. Her smile softened until her sights went back to the male under her. "Now apologize." Anya's hand gripped his hair as she stood back to her feet dragging him up with. "Now!" All eyes were on her.


    "Louder!" Her body drifted forward until they were in front of Max. She threw the man forward causing his head to land beside the girl's feet. "Go ahead."

    "I-I'm sorry..." He quickly scurried to his feet and rushed off.

    Anya walked back grabbing her bag then closer to the female, giving a smile. " You okay?" This was her normal reactions. this also normally was followed by a---

    Kléot... My office now." The principal grabbed her by the arm and pulled her with him. She sent a wave then shrugged the man off of her following close beside him. Time for the scold.

  5. Max blushed something horrible when she came down to see what had become of the jerk that called her a freak before her music pitch. Typical Anya putting things where they should be. Max knew her quiet well although doubt that Anya really knew her.

    "I'm... Okay." she managed to get out in her normal brassy voice that wasn't high pitched like when she was nervous. She couldn't help but offer a faint smile to her before the principle hauled the only person who really cared off to be scolded for what the teachers should be doing. Even if the methods were unconventional.

    Before anything else could happen Max ran off for the music wing for first period music hoping tha Anya wasn't going to get into to much trouble.
    Obvious the newcomming student thing was over with the priciple already gone.
  6. Elijah was trying his best not to listen to the lecture that the teacher was giving. Looking around he spotted someone getting pushed to the floor. Fron where he was stitting he couldn't tell wether it was a boy or a girl. Slowly he stood up and made his way over just in time to see some girl grabe the guys collar that pushed the girl onto the floor. A smirk formed on his lips and he chuckled and watched as the guy. He was looking like a total punk getting handled by some girl which made it even funnier to him.

    When he turnned he realized that everyone else was looking in the same direction to see what the commotion was. Elijah watched as the boy was draged up by the hair and the girl demanded him to apologize like he was some five year old kid. Just when things were starting to get good the principle came and broke everything up and telling the girl who caused the scene to follow him. He watched as the girl left to follow the man and he couldn't help but smile. Damn she's badass He thought as he carried his bag into his dorm room and then got situated. For newcomers he'd dpubt they'd have classes on the first day but he wasn't sure and if they did he wasn't going. Instead he'd thought he'd board it up.

    After unpacking his things he grabed his board and then headed out the room and walked down the hallway.
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    Minutes passed after they arrived in his office. This wasn't the first time this had happened nor would it be the last. The man figured this. His elbows propped up his head as one of his hands rubbed his temples. "Miss Kle
    ot... You know we tolerate no fighting."

    "Just as you should know by now... I tolerate no jerks." She instantly smarted off. The man gave a sigh and just tossed her out of his office. What was the use in punishing someone who stood that strong for her beliefs. She walked out slinging her bag over her head and tossing down her board. Alayna hopped on it and rode off to her first class. Psychology. With no one in the halls at least not the way she went, Anya rode to the class within minutes. Everyone's schedules were all different. Even the times they actually went to class. She walked in and headed to the middle of the class taking a seat. The board rested below her feet allowing her feet to randomly move side to side when ever she wanted. The teacher gave off a dirty look her way. Of course she would... She saw the event that's just occurred no more than 20 minutes ago. The girl waited for class to just start.

  8. when_you__re_gone____by_saturdayx_zps385f92d5.jpg Max smiled faintly at the band room. The one room of the entire school that was her home technically. No one really judged you in the music department unless you were a horrible musican. There was her Saxephone, and the old chest wrap she'd been using last year that needed to be chucked. She smiled fondly wondering if any of the new kids would be joining really.

    She doubted that but she had hope to so she started sorting out music for all the kids in band. Mainly it was all pep band stuff but a few concert pieces here, and there. It didn't take long really considering they'd already been sorted.
  9. [​IMG]
    What a somewhat wonderful day! Of course it wasn't. Trinity stared blankly out of the windows of the couch, watching the weather change from rain to hail. This would happen on my first day of boarding school. 18 years old and transferring in my senior year. No one in the family really understood why Trinity's parents made her leave her school to go to this boarding school. Maybe it was because this school was more well known for their academics, and her parents are definitely all about academics.

    Finally, they got to the school. Now, it was time to face the hail and make a mad dash to some building to pick something up. Taking a deep breath Trinity ran to the building, a hail stone or two hitting her, the building finally giving her sweet relief. Well... maybe not. The first thing she sees is some guy guy getting beat up on, some girl trying to be a bad ass, and another dude spectating. It would be in my better judgement to not be involved with this in anyway. With that, she found her seat and paid as much attention to the woman on stage as possible, but she was paying more attention to her dorm key.

    At last! The speech was over and Trinity went straight to her room. I am going to take a nap in a nice room with my.... she stopped in midstride to find unpacked boxes piled in the middle of her floor. Her parents fulfilled their promise on one thing... they got her stuff here.

    "Grand," she murmured, her soft southern accent coming out. "This is what I have to look forward to? No point in standing here gawking."

    She kicked off her tan cowboy boots, put her black hair up in a ponytail and began to unpack, slowly finding places for her things until the room pleased her, until it felt somewhat like home.
  10. [​IMG]

    Tom looked up from the floor, to listen to what the principal would continue. He wasn't sure why he'd been looking at the floor in the first place, it wasn't particularly interesting.
    Perhaps it was because he was rather socially awkward, and would rather do anything then possibly exchange, no doubt, awkward glances with fellow student around him. He'd drifted off into thought again.

    "... And that, surely, goes without saying ladies and gentlemen." A chuckle erupted amongst some of the students that had been paying attention to what she had been saying. She continued "Here, we hope to bring out your true personalities, we will not scorn you for who you truly are, and if anyone does, then I suggest you contact a member of staff." She paused, gesturing to the various Teacher's dotted around the outskirts of the hall. Pulling the microphone which extended from a wooden desk she was standing behind, like one you'd usually find a Bible placed on, she followed " I hope you followed the Driver's instructions, and on the way here, you picked up your Timetable's and Dorm key's. I would like to say here, members of the opposite sex do not! I repeat, do not mingle together in dorms. Okay? You are a pleasant lot this year, listening so intently.." Oops, missed what she said again, Tom thought, drifting off into thought once more. " Also, no smoking whatsoever on the school premises, we pride ourselves and are renown for the fact that we strongly encourage not only students, but staff not to smoke here. And as such, it is forbidden." Ha, what? Saw some students smoking on my way in. "As it is getting late, you will start normal lessons tomorrow morning, promptly at nine, for the rest of the day, why not get to know your fellow student's?" She finished, with a beaming smile, though clearly she had been pulled off of stage early due to the worried look on her face as she left the hall.
    Tom weaved his way through the rest of the students and made his way out of the hall, just outside it was clear there had been some kind of commotion but he shrugged it off as nothing.
    He pulled his skateboard from between his back and bag, jumped on and made his way to the dorm he would be in, perhaps he would have heard the bird's cheeping, the chatter of other students, or the clanking of his wheels against the slabs of pavement had he not placed his headphones in tightly.
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    ((Sorry I wanted another post up that was more recent. I didn't want this to die. ))

    Anya looked around seeing no one had gotten to class just yet. She pulled out her phone and saw the time. It was plenty of time to run up, find her room, drop off a few things, then run all the back to class. At least for her and her board it was enough time. The messenger bag was heavy with book and two of her classes she had later in the day. Her bag also contained some clothes. Anya was the type who donated the clothes she did have to charity as she had the money to buy new clothes. After school that's what she was determined to go do. Shopping.

    Stopping her though process realizing she'd be alone, Anya stood walking out of class. "I'll be back, Teach..." Ditching classes was one thing she hardly had done so at least the teacher nodded and let her go. The slimmed body dropped her board and hopped on. Stairs, stairs, and more stairs. The female sighed and picked up her skateboard then headed up the stairs. Reaching the floor with the rooms, Alayna looked door to door finding her room number. "Lost..." She sighed and kept looking.

  12. [​IMG]The hallway seemed endless to him and he found himsef looking around a few times to make sure he wasn't going in a complete circle. Looking through the doors of classes that were going on in diffrent grades he wondered what his classes would be like and if he would even like the teachers let alone the students. Some were already aggravating picking on innocent people on the first day.

    Elijah cluched his board tighter as he heard a noise, He had no idea where the noise was comming from but it soundied like a noise trhat came from a board. He figured it was someone else who liked to skate like him. Just as he looked behind him he saw nothing and when he turned the corner he was hit by some force that sent him on the floor with a thud. Wincing slightly he slowl got up and looked to see it was a girl he had bumped into and he stopped her board from rolling away. Reaching his had out he helped her out. " Oh um my bad- er didn't see you there".

    Picking up her board he handed it to her and then smiled. " So i see you board, plan on hading to the park to board up?".
  13. [​IMG]

    Door. Not it. Walking by another door... Not it. She sighed as it seemed as though she'd never find her room. Hearing a noise, she practically ignored it until she fell back on the floor. Luckily it wasn't that hard. "Ohhhh" Her hand rubbed against the lightly scrapped bare skin. Anya looked up to see the brunette male hearing his apology. Minutes later, he helped her up even handed her board. "No worries. I'm fine. Are you alright?" Her hand brushed against his arm hoping he wasn't hurt either. He smiled which caused her to give one in return. Her eyes widened seeing his board in hand then hearing his question towards her. "I was going to go after classes today or even on my break." Alayna pulled out her phone seeing the time. There wasn't much left. The nice meeting had to be shortened, unfortunately. She smiled once more then began to speak again. "Sorry... I need to hurry and find my room... Then head back to class." Her head turned side to side as it was close to the number. "Thanks for helping me up-" Holding up her board, she continued. "-And my catching my board. See ya around, 'kay?" Alayna headed away closing in on her room. All that needed was drop of some books then head to psych class. Fun... Fun...

  14. [​IMG]When he saw her smile he just couldn't help but smile back. IN some complete strange way he was glad that he ran into her. It ook him a second to realize what she was saying but when he did Elijah nodded and then grabbed his board. " Its no problem but when you are free and finished with class you should come outaide and board with me". Thinking for a second before she walked away. " Oh and call me Eli". Once she walked away the smile wouldn't get off his face so he looked away. Wow she's beautiful. Getting back on his board he skated down the hall and then jumped over the stars and stopped his board just before hitting the door. Heading outside the air was cool but nice and he loved it. getting back on his board he skaed tword the park.
  15. when_you__re_gone____by_saturdayx_zps385f92d5.jpg Max sighed softly as kid filed in and the teacher started class. Just another typical day in the life of her. The teacher asked her though to run to her room and grab some other music, and cleaning supplies from her room. Which she did. She jogged out of the room in search of her room and she smiled faintly remembering in the back of her mind that she had a new room mate. She didn't know if it was male or female, just that she had a room mate, and hopefully they weren't homophobic.

    It didn't take long, but Max saw the girl from earlier looking for something.

    "Hey uh... thank you for helping me earlier, what are you looking for?" she asked fidgeting with her shirt for a moment before messing with her hair.
    It didn't feel right though. Max owed this girl so much more. She had helped Max which in her book was a miracle in herself. Most people just ignored her or whatever they did now a days. She really didn't know anymore.
  16. [​IMG]

    Her back faced him as she kept looking for her room. She turned after hearing him yell one last thing before leaving himself. Anya would have told him her name as well but it was too late. He probably headed off to the park by now. His short brunette hair and the style he wore... If the girl would have judged him by looks, she wouldn't have placed him under as skater. The man was attractive no doubt but so was many others who attended the school. "Eli..." The young woman couldn't help but smile a bit. She'd be sure to head there after her Psychology class. She chuckled turning back and walking the way she had headed. Had to find the room before being tardy. It just wasn't her style.

    Her body continued on with eyes glazing over each door carefully. Coming up to a door she had yet checked a voice startled her from behind. Anya jumped a bit quickly turning around with her back pressed against the wall. Her heart raced as she stopped and looked to see who it was. Her body calmed seeing a familiar face. "You're the girl from before..." Alayna gave a smile and placed a hand on the female's shoulder. "There's no need to thank me. I'm one to help someone in need." Hearing the next part of her sentence, Anya simply paused. "I was... uh... crap." It slipped her mind and luckily came right back to her. "Oh yeah, I was looking for my room." Looking behind the female she saw the number. "Excuse me one moment..." Anya dodged the female and unlocked the door now in front of her.

    With a smile, she looked over the room. It was really nice. Earth tones on the walls with slightly darker curtains. Out the window was a nice scenery that just screamed out romantic. They even had their own bathroom in the room. The bathroom was classy even. It wasn't like some cheap dorm room bathroom. It was all beautiful. The boarding school sure knew how to treat their students. Her eyes caught sight of one of the beds made and even set up around it with belongings. The plain bed was of course hers. She was in need to go shopping after school. She walked over to the bed and examined around it. Music stuff was scattered all over. "I'm rooming with a band geek." She gave a smile. It was great. A boarder and a band geek in one room. That'd be interesting.

    Anya just remembered about the girl. She rushed out the door and embraced the female in a hug. "I'm sorry. I just had to find my room... Umm... the names Anya." She grabbed the female by the hand and led her in the room. She didn't care where the female was headed, she was just happy about the company. Alayna walked over to the shelf and put on a few books. Lastly placing the clothes she did have in the closet. "Hope my room mate doesn't mind..." She laid on the bed that was already made and gave a happy sigh.

  17. when_you__re_gone____by_saturdayx_zps385f92d5.jpg Max chuckled softly when Anya tugged her into the room. She was so cute it would kill her if she wasn't careful. It didn't hit her though that this girl was her new room mate. "Um.... I'm Max." she said with a blush going to pick up the music she needed before grabbing her second Saxaphone. Wondering if Anya realized the connection. The room she had painted last year paying for the paint and what not since she lived here.

    She looked at Anya half heartedly. "Hope you don't mind a band geek. Its nice to meet you again Anya." she smiled faintly looking at the girl checking to make sure she had the right music and what not. "Looks like you're rooming with me." She felt a blush come up as she stepped in front of a pile of bras that she no longer needed. Max giggled nervously at the girl on the bed that she'd rolled in the room for her. "For the record its not full gay just transgender so don't worry... make yourself at home though. Want anything to eat before class starts?"
  18. [​IMG]

    Anya smiled at the female that looked down on her. "It's very nice to meet you, Max." Her eyes watched the female grab a music book. She began to catch on. It was her room. With the paint job the other's were probably white and not all worked on as the one she stood in. A room one of a kind. It was nice. The saxophone was grabbed secondly. The girl was right. This was the strangers room.

    "You're my roommate? Well... Better yet, I'm your new room mate, huh?" She stood to her feet and hugged the female tightly. They had just met but Anya already thought the person as a friend. "I don't care if you're a band geek. I used to have a few friends that were back home. They are great people." She giggled seeing the female's blush. It was cute along with the nervous giggle she gave. The roommate then admitted something that touched her heart. "It's fine. I don't have anything against Transgender individuals. They are just people. Just like religious or not... Then also gay or straight." The female calmed down before answering the question. "Sorry. I wish... I really have to get back to my psych class. Maybe after all the classes today we can sit down, catch dinner, and get to know each other. Catch you later, okay?" The short haired individual grabbed her board and the light messenger bag and headed out. Anya grinned at her response knowing that the normally shy room mate must have been blushing again since she welcomed her gender change with open arms. Most people would shun against it but she wasn't like that. She stopped then soon shrugged realizing it sounded like a date but what could she do? They were roommates.

    Anya hopped back on her board and skated down the hall. Jumping off just in time to grab the board and run down the stairs. This was shortly followed by her boarding back all the way to class getting in the door just in time. "I'm back!" She huffed and walked to the back of class. The smile held a smile on her face that showed, the female was lucky. Alayna took her seat and listened to the psych lecture. Something she already knew about. Some of the psychological disorders. Easy peasy...

  19. Max couldn't help but smile feeling her heart flutter in her chest at the sudden welcoming of the whole transgender thing. It was a first for her by a long short. This was going to be a good year already to her. She couldn't help but blush as the girl left leaving Max giving her a little wave. She felt like a complete loser for that but she didn't care anymore. It was perfectly okay. This girl was welcoming.

    She ran for it though locking the room up jogging for the music department smiling happily the whole way even if she ran the threat of bullies, and what not the entire way. Of course though she did run into bullies along the way hissing her name. Making her wince at the painfulness of the words, but she had hope. Someone wanted to get to know her.

    "I'm back." she puffed running into the room out of breath, handing the teacher the music that she was suppose to deliver. Just the two of them over food, or something. It sounded nice.