Rivals Roleplaying anyone?

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  1. Hey there, I’m looking for a fellow roleplayer to do a male character. Here’s the thing:

    I was thinking about doing an action-adventure rp that could contain romance as well, but remember that we are something like rivals, that always had a connection between us. We are both trained assassins but work for different bosses, leading us to compete each other when we have the same victim, turning the mission into a game. This time we search for this chip that supposedly gives the ability to someone to control the machines by thought.

    It takes place in the future where technology and human ability has increased (Causing you to fight like a badass cartoon character). In this setting we will have hoverboards, hovercrafts and cyborgs. The chip is something that all the city’s criminals are after, and even the police perhaps. We live in a corrupted society that all that counts is money and power. Not really an original setting, but hey, it’s my first one.
    Feel free to make any adjustments or add anything though (That's probably the reason that I left the setting slightly open) . I’m new to this site and I would really appreciate some support.

    Oh Well ,I was thinking my Character would be something like this:​

    Name: Reira
    Codename: The Black Revolver
    Occupation. Assassin
    Specialty: Anything that can be used as a weapon. (Loves her Black Revolver although she rarely uses it, but when she does she never misses.)
    Personality: Perky and witty but always calm-headed when fighting or facing danger.
    Likes: Meeting new challenges.
    Dislikes: Dullness, soft-headed people, losing her stuff.​

  2. Im interested, send me a PM
  3. I'm very interested in this, please PM, me. I would love to do this with you
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