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  1. ((thesecretgirl445 and i))

    Midsummer of 3013 in the stormy in township 15 which use to be Missouri. 6 angels left in the pack trying to keep there wings on and remain themselves. They have to go to Township 32 which used to be Hawaii. There are three boys and three girls. There we few others considering we are science experiments but most have been taken of there wings from the walkers or have found other safe havens which is rare. There are 6 different types each with a unique personality that comes with it. Silver is the really shy angel who is truthfully fearless. Gold is the radical hooligan angel. Black is deep and vigorous(strong) angel. White is the elegant and lovable angel. Red is the evil trouble-maker. Green is the goody-to-shoes angel. Weirdly despite there differences the work together to survive the apocalypse and save others along the way.

    Living in hiding is bad enough for a 15 year old boy is bad enough but when you can't go around doing a bunch of fun stunts with your fearless best friend because of it. It is torture! If you have not figured out I am Luke the Radical hooligan gold wings. I like taking the extreme way around things but the others are the reason sometimes I don't. I guess I should describe myself. I am mixed with black hair, carmel eyes, some muscle here and there along with scars, 6'2. I like bold pants with solid t-shirts and a random hoodie and bold shoes to match or not. I never knew my parents. They signed me up for the experiment once my mom knew she was pregnant with me, so I have been this angel creature my whole life it is all know. That is how it is for most of us except my two best friends. For them it is a different story.

    On the run life is what we are forced to learn since the walkers started hunting for us but I like looking as it as not on the run but as an adventure to discover and save who we are. So that makes me the deep tough black wings. My name is Shadow nickname Shawty. I am the tall 16 year old girl with muscles everywhere needed, caramel skin scuffs and scars here and there, auburn hair down to my hips, blue-gray eyes, and carmel freckles everywhere. I like a solid t-shirt, black sweatshirt, ripped jeans or shorts, and old tennis shoes of I am not barefoot. Like most I never knew my parents. But I don't care I don't need protection or teachers. I do that on my own.For my best friend and sorta enemy/brother guy that is not the case.

    Running fighting and causing trouble is my kinda life. Yes I am the "evil" red wings, but i like the label trouble-maker a lot better but evil works. My name is Maxon nickname Max or whatever "pain" Shadow comes up with along with her bestie Lizzibell. Ugh, they are annoying but I like it that way.I am 16 year old boy whose hair matches my wings and covers my eyes but is just below them, I am what Lizziebell and Shawty call pasty, black-green eyes, pretty toned when it comes to muscles and all us guys have six packs according to the girls but my six pack is a putting cup compared to Shawty and Elliot and Maxon. I like t-shirts, gray hoodie, and any pants I find and usually go barefoot or sandals. I unlike most was raised for 3 years of my life my parents did not know what to do with me, I was a troublesome unplanned baby but my mother could not give up her only child until she died and my dad needed the money and could not raise me so I became the angel I was meant to be. That is my story and now I am happy for who am mistake or not.

    All of us have different stories but it is when we weave them together we are unstoppable.
  2. Lizzibell- Walking through the streets I look around to find any Walkers. Those damn creatures are trying to kill us. Me and my Flock as I call us. I do not wish for my beautiful silver wings to be ripped off my pack. I won't allow any of our wings to be ripped off of our backs. It's not going to happen. I'll make sure of it. I continue my walk when suddenly I hear a couple moans. Smirking I brush my long Black-grayish hairs behind my ears so that it wouldn't get into my way. My Blue eyes spot the Damn walkers while the walk past. Swiftly and quietly I fly behind the bastards. I smirk once more and start to kill all the walkers that drew near. It took about twenty minutes to finally end the fight. And by the time it was over My Gray shirt was torn to shreds, and my jeans were destroyed. I walked back to the hide out in the only good pairs of converse I still have. Then I sighed. Everyone sides Max would freak out when they saw me like this. Great. My life has been tough. I never knew my parents. Plus I was like one of the top experiments. I was poked and and cut open so many times I have so many scars all over my body. I'm not of the talking type either. Oh well I guess. I've actually never told anyone about me having so many things done to me. Whenever they took me out of my cage (at least thats what i call it) and came back, I just told everyone that I was training or something. I walked stepped up the hide out and took a deep breathe. I was going to be in deep shit when everyone saw me.

    Liv- I stare into the mirror and brush my Light purple hair. I giggle when my white wings appeared behind me. I'm so greatful for them. Yeah i had to go through hell to get them Since I wasn't originally born with them but I still love them. My bright green eyes sparkle when I see that is begins to rain. Getting up i go into the living room and see that All the others are here besides Liz. Great. She is probably out fighting again. I don't know why she feel like she has to fight all the time. She doesn't have anything to worry about or any stress or pain. At least none that I know of. I walk over to Luke who seems to be working on some sorta of weapon. I sit down next to him and Watch him work. After a while I finally got up and walked over to shadow. It was a raining and there was nothing to do. I hope that tomorrow would be a lot better.

    Elliot- I push my dark brown out of my eyes and watch Liv and Shadow talk and laugh. I smile as I hear their soft giggles. I turn my music up and look out the window. My soft purple eyes see past the rain and I see this small figure walking toward the hide out. I tense up at first, but then I saw wings. Looking around I saw everyone inside besides one person. Lizzibell. Something was wrong though. I stood up quickly and ran to my room and grabbed a jacket. She was so short that all of our jackets are either a dress or about twice her size. I ran out of my room and to the front door. Everyone looked up at me and Luke asked, "where are you going?". "Lizzibell got into a fight it looks like and he close are ripped to shreds" I told him. That kinda shook him up. He has had a crush on Liz since forever. But he isn't the only one with a crush, all us guys have a crush on all the girls. We both ran outside and saw that Liz was also bleeding. All she did though was smile. She always made us worry.
  3. Luke- "what the hell were you thinking, oh wait you weren't" I am very tense because my dream girl is always putting herself at risk. Shadow smirks and walks in before Lizzibell can counter Luke.

    Shadow- "Relax, she was just having a little fun. I know I should be worried about my best friend but she is fearless and knows what she is doing." I say knowing that is what Lizzibell needs to hear, not get pounded on how 'stupid' or 'she could have died' kinda thing she is getting from Luke. I glance over as Maxon joins the conversation.

    Maxon-"For once this deep freak is right, let the girl have fun even if it means killing walkers it brings the rest of us joy too stupid" I say glancing at Shadow during the first part. She just smirks and Luke loosens and we all head back inside. Shadow catches me before walking in "Deep freak, that is the best you could come up with pathetic devil wow how sad" she smirks and walks away. I sulk at her saying that. She is right I could to much better we all change and go to sleep except Luke and Lizzibell who are on guard duty.

    Luke-"Hey, Lizzibell I am sorry a spit at you earlier I just..don't..want you ....or anyone to get hurt" I say hoping she will forgive me I look deep in her blue eyes begging forgiveness with my eyes.
  4. Lizzibell-- When Luke and Elliot ran out the door they appeared worried. Luke was yelling at me and Shadow and Maxon were probably the only ones that took my side a little. Stay quiet we all walked inside and I was shivering like crazy. I walked into my room and got changed into a a deep purple t-shirt and some black shorts. I Pretty much have a dark clothes. Dark colors never really suited me. Walked out of my room I take a hair tie and put my hair up into a ponytail. I was on watch with Luke. I liked being on watch. I loved to fight over all. But mostly I was with one of the most amazing guys in the group. Luke. He had asked me to forgive him. I knew that he was just worried before when he snapped at me. I looked at him and smiled slightly and nodded.

    Liv-- When Liz came home it was scary. She was covered in her blood and he clothes were ripped into shreds. "Why were you even out there anyways?" I had asked her. She had just shrugged me off. As usual she was being her silent self. The last time I actuallly heard her speak was in a fight last week. but she was yelling and it was loud and all of us could barely hear it. She takes on more responibities then anyone I know. That girl really just needs a break.

    Elliot-- When all of us were inside again Shadow had took Lizzibell into the bathroom so she could get cleaned up and get he patched up. Yeah she might have been out there to get rid of those things but it was no reason to put herself at risk like that. What are we ever going to do with her.
  5. Shadow-I decide to wake-up early to make catch a special breakfast for Elliot's birthday. Weirdly I am not the only one up. Maxon. Great. "Where you going"I ask once I come out of the bathroom in my purple skinny's, black t-shirt, Elliot's old purple hoodie he lets me use and my black hunting boots. "Catch Elliot's birthday breakfast,you?" he says skimming his eyes over to mine. Even better...."Same....."I say awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact. "Wanna go together...we do not have to...but..."he asks even awkwarder. I smile meet his eyes and say "Sure". Luckily he smiles back and we head out.

    Maxon- So I wake up thinking it is my best friend's birthday he needs a special breakfast. Elliot loves fresh meat for breakfast, freshly caught and cooked. Then I hear movement in the bathroom. The only bed empty besides mine and watch crew is....SHADOW. Great. We get talking and end up going hunting together. Once we are out we really start up a conversation. "Did you hear on the news the other day another red-winged angel was found dead? I think I knew her Tris right?" she asks looking deep in my eyes and looking serious and deep as always. "Yes. She gave me a bad name. Steroutyped."I say recalling how Tris would go killing of everybody who angered her for the stupidest reasons and blaming the fact she was "evil". "I know. You may be annoying and a pain but you are still not that ruthless as she and her demon sidekicks" Shadow says smirking at me. After that we talk about Luke and Lizzibell. "Luke needs to hike up his skirt and ask Lizzibell out or he will loose her" I say and that makes her have the hugest grin as we head to the woods 2 miles from the house. "I know. When we talk just him and I it is about how he doesn't know how to get her,if he likes him, and would it ever work, and on and on,"She says and we start to crack up as we beginning shooting our crossbows to dear, bear, and walkers that try to kill us. Then we head back and talk about how Elliot will react.

    Luke- I was glad Lizzibell forgave me now I felt a big relief in me and we watched in silence. At about 3'o clock we nodded at each other signaling we could both go to sleep. I wake-up Maxon and Shadow's beds are both empty i assume gone hunting and I am right their crossbows are missing. I go and get changed into some purple,blue,and green zig-zag patterned shorts and a solid green t-shirt a blue hoodie and black and orange sandals. When I come back out Liv and Lizzibell are up and are talking ideas for Elliot's birthday. I tell them "Do we have stuff for chocolate cake and strawberry frosting? That is his favorite."
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