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  1. Good day to you, I am the Neon-Maniac, I have been roleplaying for six year, and consider myself somewhat of a roleplay vagabond; an individual who has gone from site, to site, but hasn't found his home quite yet, hopefully my search ends here. I've written within the modern-fantasy genre for some time now, though my tastes are slowly shifting towards medieval high fantasy; I also like to throw in some action, romance, adventure, and obviously you need a bit of smut in there too!

    Anyway, apart from role-playing; my other interests mainly consist of Italian/American B-movies, video games (old or new), and tabletop roleplaying games (CoC and DnD mostly)

    This may not have been the most informative introduction, but I hope it gives you some sort of impression of what type of person I am!

    Hope to roleplay with any of you, at some point!
  2. how are you neon manic! I find it refreshing to find someone else that is interested in table top games. I use to play DnD in high school but there is no one around me that plays anymore. I have recently discovered Catan, and am obsessed, even going as far as to getting the online version. Anyways hope you find what your looking for here. Taking the time to look into the interest check and redstar section helped me a lot starting out.
  3. Hi and welcome, Neon! I hope your search ends here, as well. For the most part, we have a bit of everything, and everyone I've met is either very friendly or the only thing stopping them from being friendly is shyness. =)

    Sounds like you enjoy a nice mix in your plots, rather than sticking to just one aspect of a story. Who wants a roleplay that's all just one aspect, ya know? Gotta have a mix! I even mix genres and settings, sometimes.

    This is uh... my lame attempt at luring your interest my way. If you are interested, I'm working on a new RP search thread that'll have all my plots and preferences, but until then, I'm open to chatting by PM.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.