Rise of The Guardains: Happy Easter?

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  1. Its almost easter and the kids are having fun and could not wai till this day to come. What If North forgot his snow globe what if a little girl found it and what if that little girl went to Bunnymunds home? what would happen if Pitch comes back after 13 years. what if theres to many 'what If's.

    your just going to have to read to find out

    Jake: alright lets start.
    me: sorry jake this is Bunnymunds time to shine.
    Jake: but everyone loves me
    Me: hehe sorry love ^^;
    Jake: ='_'= fine

    OK lets start have fun
  2. 10 year old Ailee skipped down the sidewalk, smiling at the thought of the nearing Easter. "And the Easter bunny will come and put down eggs!" She said to herself quietly. So focused on her thoughts, she tripped over a suspiscious snowglobe, which created some type of portal. Ailee stood up, brushing the dirt off her black jeans and straightening her yellowe jacket before stepping into the portal. She looked around, amazed by the fields of green and the ponds of colors. "Wow!" She hopped up and down in excitement, her pony tail bobbing up and down.
  3. Bloody hell." that was all Bunnymund was thinking. He need to get all his eggs done and fast Easter was just around the corner. he ran around trying to make sure everything was ready. Once he was done chaeking things out he picked up an egg and started to paint it noticing the little girl came in to his home.
  4. Ailee kneeled beside a light blue pool of paint. "Pretty!" She looked around again, but was caught by surprise. "Where's the Easter Bunny?" She said as if the land would answer her. She stood up and unzipped her jacket, revealing the snow white turtleneck she wore underneath.
  5. a little egg walked by Ailee. Bunnymund finish his last egg of the day and smiled but then his ears stood up and moved around as he heard something. 'Pitch? no it couldnt be Maybe frost bite' he said then started to run to the noise. "Oi frost Bite if that ya frosting my river again I will make North Stuff ya in a Bag again." thats when he saw the kid.
  6. Ailee felt something cross her shoe and looked down. "Ooh! An eggy!" She picked up the little egg and sat down, her legs tucked underneath her. "You're pretty!" She was petting the egg gently.
  7. Bunnymund was shocked to find the Kid. She was cute but he didnt know what to do. may as well make myself known.' he thought then said out loud "Oi kid put the egg down" his said with a strong Australn accent. he walked up to the kid and gived the kid a smile.
  8. Ailee's eyes grew wide as she let go of the egg. She let her arms hang loosely by her side. "Are YOU the Easter Bunny?" She said in awe, sitting up on her knees and moving her hands into her lap. She giggled a little as another egg stumbled past.
  9. "I am little ackel biter" he smiled. 'what am I going to do Easter is just around the corner.' he thought even though he was freaken out but keep a smile on his face. "mind telling the easter bunny how you got here?" .he asked with wonder in his voice.
  10. Ailee jumped up. "Well, I was walking down the street," she minicked her skipping, "and I was thinking of Easter eggs.." She started giggling again as another easter egg went by, followed by two others, but she continued. "And I tripped over a snowglobe.. And a door opened!" She threw her arms up in a 'tada!' way. "Then, I found an eggy, and you came up!" She sat back down, fixing her ponytail before her hands returned to her lap. She was brimming with excitement about actually meeting the Easter Bunny.
  11. "a snowglobe ya say" he said rubing the back of his neck. he sighed then looked at the kid. "going to have to talk to santa that" he mummble out loud. "Oh manny please tell me what to do. wheres Jake when you need him. he knows what to do with kids" he said softly so the kid cant hear. "come on I may as well show ya around." He said with a smile as he holds out his hands for her. maybe she will fall a sleep just like Softhe ,may manny watch over soul, did long time a go.
  12. "SANTA CLAUS! You know Santa??" She said excitedly. After a moment of thinking, Ailee took Bunnymund's hand and skipped along beside him. "Yay!" She brushed a loose strand of hair out of her eyes. She was giggling the entire time. "Can I meet Santa? Oh! Do you know the toof fairy?" She then remembered what Jamie Bennett down the street had said. "What about Jack Frost! Jamie said he's cool..I wanna meet him!" She was hugging Bunnymund's arm and giggling, skipping around.
  13. He smiled "Ya know me and The Frost bite we dont get along very much but I know the bugga" he said noticing a white agg walking by one of the many few that had not been finished yet. he looked up to the sky and started to think about her meeting santa "ya know what ya want to meet Santa?" he asked with a smile
  14. Ailee stopped. "You know Jack AND Santa!! I want to meet Santa!" She started hopping up and down, beaming with excitement. She was super excited. "Please please please please please please!!!"
  15. "Alright Kid Alright" he said rolling his eyes with a smile. "we beter get ya coat back on." he saw a few of his little eggs around the caot and he picked it up. "her ya go love" he said holding it out for her to put on. "once ya put it on we will go see north Alright?"
  16. Ailee stopped jumping around and slipped into her jacket. "I'm gonna meet Santa..I'm gonna meet Santa.." she hummed, skipping around in a circle. After a moment she stopped dead. "Wait..doesn't he live in the North Pole? We can't get all the way there, can we?"
  17. "love I'm the Easter Bunny" he said taping his foot Wich mad a hole in the ground. "i need you to hold on to my neck to make this ride fast" he smirked and lean get on his back and hold on to his neck.
  18. Ailee stared at the hole for a moment. "That's how you hide everything!" She said excitedly. She ambled over to Bunnymund and hung on to his neck. "Ready!" She was almost shaking with excitement.
  19. maybe" he smiled then jumps into the hole and starts to run on all fours to the North pole. once he came out of the holehe shivers they where out side of Santas workshop. "alright love if i up you do will you promise to stay close?" he asked looking over his sholder to her as they walked inside.
  20. Ailee nodded and looked around. She held close to Bunnymund, their combined warmth keeping her from chattering, but she was still shaking a little. "C-cool.." she said, looking at all the toys. "Where are the elves, and Santa?" She asked curiously, looking at the various things making toys. "What are they?"
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