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RIP n' RIP, H. R. Giger

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Grumpy, May 13, 2014.

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  1. Swiss artist and designer H. R. Giger died yesterday at his home in Zurich.

    Dunno who he was? Well, go watch the Alien series. See that beautifully fucked up Alien design? That was his work. The man was a master of the darkly surreal, a major proponent of what he termed the "biomechanical" style.

    You may all now dispense respects paying.
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  2. Sigh, no more xeno-apocalyptic abstract renderings of tits, dicks, vaginas and butts.
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  3. :( No one else could capture Asmo's portrait as perfectly as Giger
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    Maaaaaan! This makes me so sad! I adored his art.
  5. Thank you for the nightmares, Hans.
  6. No one will ever make me have Terror Boners like that man did ever again.

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  7. I'm sure he's airbrushing Satan's portrait onto a canvas of harlot's backs even now as we speak. ;.;
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  8. image.jpg
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