RIP Konami (you won't be missed)

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  1. Assuming this is true, Konami is ceasing all AAA gaming (except for Pro Evolution Soccer) and focusing only on Pachinko machines and mobile titles. I don't think the company is gonna last long at this rate since they pretty much betrayed and pissed off all of their fans (especially the Silent Hill ones). At least the Metal Gear fans are satisfied with MGV. At least from what I heard. Konami might as well sell all of their IPs at this point instead of letting them die and become stupid Pachinko machines. They should just quit the gaming industry at this point. Kojima must be sipping his tea and laughing at Konami's failure right now.
  2. />.< In the words of that one note in Silent Hill 2 (I think) "There was a company here... It's gone now." So sorry if no-one gets it x.x
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  3. Telltale, Bioware, Bethesdia, Firaxis, Nintendo, Leafy Games and Paradox are fine?

    Ok, nothing concerning here. :P
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  4. The classic producers are all decaying into something unrecognizable. This is sad, especially since we won't be getting that SH game-- and I was looking forward to that, man! C'mon.
  5. #FucKonami
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  6. Obligatory post from someone who doesn't follow konami or any of their games, but comments on a subject anyways.

  7. I haven't played a Konami title since the early 90s, back when I was a console kid.
  8. Well....if by some chance the SH game was given a go it definitely won't be happening now.
  9. #FucKonami

    And thank god for Jim Fuckin' Stirling, son.
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  10. [2]
  11. This is old news.

    Like, months ago.

    4chan finds these things out moments after they happen. It's how I keep up with current events.
  12. Surprise level: 0.

    Console gaming is slowly dying in Japan in favour of the mobile market, mainly because people don't have time to sit down and play console games in Japan anymore. Being able to squeeze in a few minutes of play on public transit or during a break at work helps them. Konami is a Japanese company full of Japanese employees who pretty much exclusively care for the Japanese market. Any market outside of Japan is pretty much just excess to them. Ergo, if Japan is slowly bailing on consoles, Konami will follow suit. It also doesn't hurt that developing mobile titles is significantly cheaper and the fan base for mobile titles is generally far easier to appease than console or PC markets.

    Is it a smart business decision? Maybe not. I doubt the mobile market will make them as much money. Do they care? Fuck no. Konami has never cared, at all, about gamers or the gaming market. They made a Machiavellian boot camp for reviews of Metal Gear Solid V, just so they could spy on reviewers while they played. They intentionally forced reviewers to censor negative commentary of their title, too. This isn't the first time they've done this, either. They have no integrity, and they haven't had it in a long time, and fans of Konami are either painfully oblivious to this or so apathetic as to warrant pity. When a company gives so little of a fuck that they'll flagrantly institute boot camps for reviewers just to deceive you into buying their products--good or bad--do you really think they give a shit about you? Even slightly? Do you really think there's even a modicum of humility in the same company that scrapped Silent Hill because fuck why not?

    Konami stopped being a gaming company a long time ago. This is just the formal letter of resignation because they've ridden their oblivious fans so long, so hard, that they're now starting to chaff and would prefer to target an even more gullible market than fan boys: Mobile gamers. :ferret:
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  13. This kind of makes me glad I never gave a single fuck about Konami to begin with.

    Let them go the way of many studios that were better than them.
  14. Obviously no one gives a shit about Konami. I for one just want their IPs. For the love of God, someone save those poor IPs!
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  15. I'd love to see their IP's make a comeback, but honestly? Spiritual successors become a thing when the original fails to reinvent itself. For instance, I was once a fan of a company known as Microprose. They released titles such as Master of Orion 2, MechWarrior, X-COM, et cetera. They were eventually sold out to Hasbro Interactive after Activision drained all the life blood out of them. Hasbro then disassembled them after releasing miserable, milked franchise mediocre garbage that nobody wanted, like MechWarrior 3: Pirate's Moon and X-Com: Enforcer.

    Now, MechWarrior Online exists. MechLab exists, if you prefer an offline fix. X-COM got a stellar reboot (even if I have minor gripes with it), and is getting a sequel. Atop that, they've had multiple spiritual successors. Not just Xenonauts, but the UFO series as well. A Master of Orion reboot is in development by the same guys who made World of Warships and World of Tanks. Even Command & Conquer: Generals is getting a spiritual reboot. (Though I'm not sure how good it'll be, fingers crossed it'll be solid!)

    All the ip's you really care about, will either get a spiritual successor, or eventually be wrenched away from people who don't use them. Atop this, all the old games you know and love, like the original Silent Hill, still exist. If you don't have an old console to play them, grab an emulator off the Internet, buy a cheap PC controller, and then download the ROM. Bam, instant memories. I have all the original X-COM games on Steam, they run in a DOSBOX emulator. Anytime I want, I can go play another campaign of Apocalypse and watch this cartoonish crap wreck my playdoh cities.

    tl;dr: THEY CAN TAKE YOUR IP'S, BUT THEY CAN NEVER TAKE, YOUR MEMORIES, FREEDOM, AND FUCKIN' INTERNET PIRACY! [Insert sounds of Scottish people having aneurisms here.]
  16. I would like it if they did create some spiritual successors at least, but this is the era of malicious business practices. Who's to say that Konami won't keep, say, MGS on as a Pachinko machine and sue anyone that makes a game vaguely like it? If Apple can sue Samsung for copying them, why can't Konami sue Kojima Productions for making a "spiritual successor"?
  17. Because while you can copyright a physical property, you can't copyright an idea or concept. It's why people can't copyright the English language, or why Microsoft can't copyright the idea of an operating system. You can copyright Metal Gear Solid, but not "tactical stealth gameplay set in the modern era with a guy named Viper." Entire genres are built on this very concept that you cannot copyright ideas, just physical properties. Otherwise, nobody could make more space fantasy like Star Wars, or cartoons like Mickey Mouse. We also have defenses in the law against abuses of copyright, such as anti-monopolization laws (which saved Apple from a Microsoft-only marketplace). Hell, The Witcher--an amazing game series based on a book--stole its entire idea from Michael Moorcock. It even borderline stole the protagonist verbatim, and that hasn't stopped the games from existing, and being a lot of fun. If you want a more concrete example, Warcraft was originally going to be a Warhammer Fantasy title until Blizzard diverged at the last minute to make their own universe. Starcraft is their Warhammer 40K equivalent, right down to the space marines in power armour. :ferret:

    Konami can bitch all the way to the highest court of the land, but you cannot have a death grip on ideas. That would be the start of persecutions based on thought crime. At that point, you could even see the Tolkien estate or Wizards of the Coast suing me for Legend of Renalta 2's use of elves and drow each respectively. They can't, though, and they know they can't. It's why a lot of YouTube takedown notices are automatic claims that often get dropped when targeting movie reviewers. :ferret:
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  18. It doesn't matter, they'd fuck it up anyways, let's just let bygones be bygones and be gra...

    Oh wait


  19. That's truly funny.
  20. If it makes you feel any better, at least it doesn't have "EROTIC VIOLENCE" as a selling point like THIS:

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to drown the memories of this... thing's existence in as much vodka as I can buy.
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