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Why remove the banner feature? How else am i suppose to advertise my roleplay to people i don't know? The banners were cool and was unique to this forum whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????


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They are only disabled temporarily as a result of bugs during the forum updates. They will return! :D
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Yeah, there is a very big error with the banners right now. O_O They were displaying, but something would bork and start throwing out errors. So those are disabled until we get a fix for it.
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Yeah, as Di and Sam said, the feature is only temporarily down. o_o

But, to add to this, if it's a group RP you're wanting to advertise a group RP; there's still the Group Roleplay Advertising! In the meantime(as I said, assuming it's a group RP you wish to advertise), you could always advertise there. ^_^
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