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  1. Wow, that title sounds needy, huh?
    - well, hello, I am Rin.
    - I'm a female in school with a job- so I'm a bit bust but I can promise at least one post per day, probably more. If I can't post, I'll be sure to inform you so you're not hanging high and dry.
    I prefer playing a female, just because I am not that skilled at just a male.
    - I have short and simple plots that I will happily deepen with someone once they have messaged me!

    - Cops daughter x Criminal
    Daddy's little princess always wanted to be ruined by someone.

    - Boss x Employee
    Sleeping with the boss is sooo wrong... but so right.

    - Best friend x Best friend
    Best friends are there for anything.. including when you need to fuck.

    - Enemy x Enemy
    Sure, we hate each other but hate is great with sex.

    - Step Sibling x Step Sibling
    No one needs to know...

    - Teacher x Student
    Who would find out, as long as we are quiet.
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  2. I wish to do the Boss X Employee and/or Best Friend X Best Friend and/or Teacher X Student.
  3. Ill do step siblings
  4. Steps siblings or the criminal sound interesting. Let me know.
  5. Any of the three taboo games sound like a lot of fun to me. Boss/Employee, Teacher/Student, or Step sibs. You have any you prefer?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.