Rin daughter's of Mnemosyne FxF RP

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  1. Hey guys! I would like to do a Rin daughter's of Mnemosyne (as I stated on the tittle), but with original characters being the immortals.
    If you are interested just PM or check here, and we can discuss further details.

    I am looking for people who can contribute with the plot and make twists, otherwise I feel like I am rping to myself :|

    • No one lines. At least one paragraph.
    • No txt language.
    • Sometimes I reply more than once a day and sometimes I disappear for a few days, so don't just assume I dropped the RP, I am just busy and I will come back.


    I tried this before on another website and the person who showed interest dropped the rp before we even started so I have a character already done:​
    Currently name: Kin Imamura
    Real name: Shizuma Ishkawa
    Age: 273 (became immortal at 23)
    Bio: Shizuma comes from a famous clan of thieves from edo period, since she was a young girl she got trained to be a professional criminal. She was the only daughter between six brothers, so before she become immortal she usually seduce her victims so her brothers could steal their treasures. Once she became immortal she turned their secret weapon usually being left alone to fight a large group of samurais or ninjas or whoever were trying to defend their victims so her brothers could flee the place. She stayed with her family for a couple of decades, but decided to go solo after her parents died of a unknown disease, at that day she noticed that she wasn't strong enough to see her loved ones dying. Since than she has being involved in huge scams bringing great fund loss to the ones that she consider that have too much. Once in a while she lets herself get caught and killed and than she usually changes city (or country) and gets a new name.
    Additional: She has a asthma and had died from it few times in the past. She is really reckless and ends up dying more currently than the average immortal, even though she hates the dying and resurrecting process.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.