Rift: Journey to the Cold North

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  1. "Cultures will clash
    Families will divide
    All that's left is to choose your side...."

    JOURNEY TO THE COLD NORTH After the lake was tainted black, the forest became almost impossible to live in, and anarchy ensued. Many died, either from the furious infighting over resources, or the malnutrition and sickness caused from the lake blackening. Clan leaders refused to leave their homeland, believing StarClan will save them and clear the lake, but many cats are growing tired of waiting. Join the journey of the 'rebels' as they follow the north star to their new home, a place they'd been told had clear, clean water and a way to survive in their changed world. Will the remnants of a fracturing culture survive and grow strong once more? Or will they be swallowed into the chasm of nonexistance?


    • Don't be a jerk and make any generally-unaccepted characters. This list includes: Mary Sues, canon characters, or powerplayers.​
    • This might sound like a stupid rule, but please interact with other characters! Conflict and conflict resolution are pivotal in any roleplay, and that means don't sit in a corner and angst all by yourself about your character's hidden past. You can do this, but give us something to interact with! Nothing bothers me more than someone who posts something that no one can answer, then complains about no one rping with them. I don't know if this happens on Iwaku, but I'm slinging this rule out here just in case.​
    • These cats were not chosen by Starclan. There were no signs or prophecies that involved leaving the lake. They just did. Not a rule, just clearing things up.​
    • If a fight ensues, then we roll the dice. Evens the attack hits, odds the attack misses. Simple, straightforward, easy, non-debatable.​

    Username: [Your name]
    User's Age: [Just so I can get a general idea of content we can allow in here]
    Preferred Nicknames: [Anything specific you might want me to call you]
    User's Preferred Prounouns/Gender: [Hey, I'm covering all my bases before I piss someone off and call them something they don't wish to be called.]
    Character Name: [Your Cat's name]
    Character Age:
    Character Gender:
    Former Clan:
    Former Title: [What rank were they before they had to leave the Clans?]
    Kin: [Any mate, brothers, sisters, parents that are still alive? Are they coming too? Are they being left behind?]
    Other: [Anything else I might need to know about your character?]

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  2. Username: Hipster Rin
    User's Age: 18
    Preferred Nicknames: Rin, Hipster, anything you want, really. I don't care as long as I'm aware you're referring to me.
    User's Preferred Prounouns/Gender: She/Her/Female
    Character Name: Sunstrike
    Character Age: 36 moons
    Character Gender: Tom
    Former Clan: ThunderClan
    Former Title: Deputy
    Appearance: In the good days, Sunstrike's fur was a sleek tawny color, thick especially around his tail and neck, with darker brown tabby stripes and a white belly and paws. Now, due to malnutrition and stress, the ThunderClan Deputy's fur is ragged and dull, almost rust colored from the lack of care. However, his fierce amber eyes refuse to be defeated, giving a hawk-like glare towards anyone who dares to insult him or question him. He has the appearance of a large, stocky tom who has shrank slightly from starvation. His face is broad and flat, with wide eyes.
    Kin: His mother is dead, and his father, an elder, refuses to leave ThunderClan. However, his mate and kit are journeying with him.
    Other: One of the first cats to step up to their leader, in his case, Rainstar. Had the idea to journey to other clans to see if the others wished to leave.

    Username: Hipster Rin
    User's Age: 18
    Preferred Nicknames: *goat noises*
    User's Preferred Prounouns/Gender: She/Her/Female
    Character Name: Birdflight
    Character Age: 40 moons
    Character Gender: She-cat
    Former Clan: ThunderClan
    Former Title: Queen
    Appearance: Long-legged and rather tall for a cat, Birdflight is a dusty grey queen with pale green eyes and short fur. Due to her fur being short, the amount of neglect it has received during the famine appears almost minimal, although it maintains the dull luster of starvation. Her eyes are dull and tired from the stress of raising a kit in a famine, but appear level and calm.
    Kin: Her mother and father are unknown, as she and her brother Greynose had wandered from the Horseplace as young kits, and her mate is Sunstrike. She has one daughter, Goldenkit.

    Username: *groan*
    User's Age: 226347836487348345
    Preferred Nicknames: Captain Wolverine Lightningbolt Junior the First, Esquire
    User's Preferred Prounouns/Gender: Murp
    Character Name: Greynose
    Character Age: 40 moons
    Character Gender: Tom
    Former Clan: ThunderClan
    Former Title: Warrior
    Appearance: Tall and elegant like his littermate, Greynose has medium-length cream colored fur with charcoal hued points and calculating green eyes that attempt to see every side of the situation. His notable traits are his large ears and his rather high-pitched meow. Starvation and sickness have left this lithe tom thin, with ribs showing and ragged fur, like his companions.
    Kin: Has no mate, and his parents are unknown, but his littermate is Birdflight.
  3. Username: Reveries In RedUser's Age: 15
    Preferred Nicknames: Revvie, Rev, Red, etc
    User's Preferred Prounouns/Gender: She, her
    Character Name: Darkmask
    Character Age: 33 moons
    Character Gender: Tom
    Former Clan: ShadowClan
    Former Title: Warrior
    Appearance: Darkmask is a mostly black tom cat with blotches of golden fur patched onto his lean build and around his yellow eyes. He is a little smaller than the typical warrior, and his physique is rather lacking as well, contributing to his slim frame. Despite the hardships and starvation that his clan has faced, Darkmask for some reason appears relatively unfazed.
    Kin: His only family was his mother, who ended up being killed during the initial chaos that ensued.
    Other: He is a piece of trash.
  4. Accepted, Red. XD Poor Darkmask.
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