Riding the note of the Melody

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  1. Name: Carson White
    Personality: He's stubborn, wild, weird,funny and out going. He has a big heart but dose not show it. He is told that he is cold and mean but its only because he doesn't want to be hurt.

    Bio: He was always getting in to fights and trouble. His father wasn't in the picture and when he was he would be a drunk abusive man to him and his mother. He father would be gone for years then come back. He had to learn how to be a man on his own. He has big dreams of his band being big one day. So they decide to do a mini tour so they can show the world what they are made of
    Eyes: Blue
    Voice: Cold and mean alot. But can B soft and sweet and sexy.
    Body. Skinny/muscular ( nice body)

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  2. It was a big day for Carson and his friends. The day that all their dreams come true. He could hardly sleep that night. " TODAY is the day boys....Van a thief be a hero, too will be big...just you see!" Carson said as he got into the van. Once they got all their gear in the van they took off. To Tennessee for some reason they picked to go there. They stopped a lot because boys never ask for directions...what did you expect from. 18-20 year olds.