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  1. So I've been listening to a lot of Heather Dale... The song "Black Fox" has inspired me into making an rp. So before you reply YouTube it... Seriously she's an awesome artist and more should enjoy her.

    Anywho, the concept is that instead of the fox being "the devil himself" the fox is an anthro. The huntsman could be male or female, I will play the fox accordingly. I do straight or femslash, I just can't do male on male... Doesn't work for me.

    Plot wise... Well the fox has tricked the huntsman many a time, eventually the huntsman catches him/her... What happens from there. Perhaps he/she is taken as a pet . Maybe a very secretive love starts. It's up to you.
  2. Interested...

    Wondering your ideas for a plot. I'm a plot bunny, so bear with me here. Usually, when I get started with an idea... it keeps going, and going, and going, and...


    You'll see.... Now, where was I?

    In listening to the song, I'd envisioned a young woman trying to prove to her father that she is just as capable of managing her way, as well as any kingdom he sets upon her shoulders; just as well as her older and younger brothers. Being in the center of it all, she's grown to be quite the tomboy, fighting and hunting with them more than sitting inside with her mother and womenfolk to entertain them on the harpsichord while they gossip and sew.

    Her father refuses to allow her to lead a hunt alone, fearing that her lack of maturity in the worlds beyond the kingdom walls would lead to her undoing if she's not properly escorted and supervised. But, lo and behold, a father's adoration for his only daughter tends to sway his better judgment to maintain her brightest smiles in his favor. Therefore, he withdraws his refusal, and one early foggy morning he sent his daughter out with three bloodhounds and two of his squires, with not even her brothers to follow behind to spy on her well being.

    The only thing he warned her of, practically forbid her to venture towards, is the southern acres of the land where the old family cemetery is located. Of course, she's been there tons of times, along with a full hunting party of course, for the lands there are further away from the growing city and abundant in game seeming solitude. But there are other things, hidden dangers, unseen and unusual abominations of life and death that are spoke about in haunting songs for misguided youngsters needing a new perspective. These things are tricky creatures that can easily throw an experience hunter off guard, let alone one such as the girl; and they hunt on the first and last nights of every month for human flesh, they say, venturing into the smaller villages surrounding the city, dragging unconscious victims back to their lairs for a later meal. To Think of these things stops the ticking of your soul; imagine what would happen if you Saw them?

    Regardless of what her father warned, she promised with crossed fingers, and guids her group in one direction before his eyes, only to steer towards her true target when hidden from view. She goes south and finds the cemetery - one that looked so harmless in the dying sun. The squires continued to plea that they return, for the night was falling upon them, but stubborn and determine to return with a catch or two of any game, she remained. One squire turned his horse towards home, to report as he was told to do if she'd taken a wrong turn. The other stayed behind to look after her...what good that did. She was being looked after alright - by a dark pair of anthro-like set of eyes who saw her differently than the two other men.

    An attack at sunset. The squire is dead; she's fallen off her horse unconscious. Waking up that night, she finds herself within her father's nightmares, face to face with the very abomination he didn't want her to see.

    Now, the black wolf has an agenda. He knows who she is, and believes there's a possibility to sway her father's actions against him through convincing his daughter, a kinder soul most human women are - so he believes, that he's not dangerous - unless provoked, and he's not the ones responsible for the human deaths within the minor villages. He wishes to befriend her and gain her trust in order to stop the hunts. But then, to go further and aid her father and the other humans of the kingdom to seek out the real murderer behind the deaths - for this beast that has haunted the humans for years, haunts him as well. Of course, this won't be easy. Even after she's convinced of his innocence and comes up with a way to bring this to her father, he won't be so easily swayed this time.

    In the time between their first encounter and the failed meeting with her father, the girl had taken frequent secretive visits to the cemetery - at first - to just learn more about this wolf, and investigate with him on the murders. But soon, she's grown a fondness for him through enjoying his time, his intelligence, and how he respects her for who she was and the knowledge she held of things he didn't understand. He treats her far better than any human male from the kingdom, looking at her as an equal rather than an expensive bed warmer. This is the spark that soon build a fire that will withstand all storms.

    I think the closer they come to learning about the true monster of the land, the closer they become. They learn exactly what this beast is, and it's not pretty. It will take everyone working together to take it down. The girl reports more and more information about this creature to her father, and he's wondering exactly where she's receiving it. Her old excuses about researching at the library, or visiting with the older survivors from the smaller villages, or gaining other eye-witness reports from other hunters who've been there - are all becoming redundant little white lies in his ears. He's grown very suspicious of his daughter's actions now, as well as curious about this monster she speaks of that is not the beast of the cemetery he knows.

    AH, EUREKA! (Tell you about that one in a minute!)

    The girl needs to convince her father more than ever now, because another quarter night and day comes - and there are no more smaller villages left inhabited around the kingdom. They've all moved behind the wall. Therefore, if the monster emerges to feast this time, there's only one place left to go.

    Here's where that Eureka goes.

    Something will need to be the catalyst that breaks the father's back here somewhere... something or someone gives away the secret and the hunt returns? Or, the hunt has always returned, especially after the death of one of the squires, but that had died out after a while. Something else ends up giving the girl and the wolf away, and the father seeks to end this wolf and hang his head in his trophy room. But when he does decide to do so, the monster begins its assault on the kingdom.

    Her father's suspicions leads to sending his sons out to spy on her now - the irony; if he'd done that before, none of this would be happening now. They are the ones who see that she's befriended the black wolf of the cemetery, in more ways than one, and reports this to their father.

    Now, what the real beast can be, beats me! I've got an idea of a Demonhound or a Giant, or a Dragoon...IDK. But, if there is an idea in mind for one, it would be rather epic to pull a deeper sub-plot from it that ties this beast with the black wolf in some way. This background story will come within the main story when the wolf and girl get to know each other - he tells her about his life, his history...and this sub-plot is it. Perhaps, a twisted Beauty and the Beast meets Ghost... IDK! But, I see a story between two men, or a man and a woman...one with hidden skills in black magic (rather weak and untrained, self-taught mush that causes more problems most times, perhaps) One upsets the other for some reason, a spell was cast - and rather than one being cursed, they both are... The self-taught wizard/witch is the murderer, and the other is the black wolf.

    I would love to play the female hunter, and possibly a brother or two, and several other NPC's that might sprang out of me... But, depends on what you want and where this story really wants to go.

    Okay, I'm draining... I need to eat lunch, but that's all I've got. Now, time wise is okay with me. I've got a lot on my plate, per usual, but I'll be able to post at least two to three times a week or more. I'm normally on every day, for I've got several RPs that are rapid-fire at all times. But I keep a few that are one post a week, or weekenders that move at a snail's pace with good action and continuous OCC conversation on plotting and such that keeps the involved awake. So, I'm good for now.

    If you want to chat about this idea further, build it up, change some things around, I'm all for it! Just let me know, toss an link, and I'm good to go.
  3. That seems like a really cool idea! I'm totally interested if you want to bounce ideas back and forth. I have a feel for how I would play a female hunter already, and I see her eventually trying to hide or protect the fox in some way.

    Let me know :3
  4. 0-0 holy wall of text batman!
    Well that is far more thought out than I had expected it to be... Then again I should expect no less from you. That all sounds quite good! Um make note that... I may not be as lengthy of a poster as you are. However! I will do my best! So my only question... As I have ideas for this beast behind it all... Is do you want character sheets or no?
  5. All of that from one song... :)

    Oh, length is not a problem for me. That was a brainstorm... they tend to go that far, but all is not carved in stone. My text length falls between about 2-3, to 3-5 paragraphs, depending on what I'm dealing with. Normally, my OP's are longer than anything else, because it's setting scene and character at the same time. Everything else is a decent length.

    Temps, if you want. I'm good with a small one with the basics... I'm working out an old charrie I think would work okay for this, with a few minor changes... I'll post it here in a sec, unless you want to open an official OCC for this RP?
  6. Here is fine. I'll make one when I'm on my laptop later for my iPod is terribad at creating them.
  7. Super quick char sheet:
    Name: Ardrick Lykos
    Appearance: 6'6, stands on enlarged wolf like pawpads, pitch black fur. Slightly longer on the head and around the sides and bottom of the muzzle. Red eyes that seem almost to glow. Slightly longer than usual tail for a wolf of similar size, as well as somewhat larger ears. Wears simple, scavenged cloths, usually just trousers that were forced to fit or tied with rope. A hole ripped in the back to accommodate his tail.
  8. I'm sorry Mako, I'm going to have to pull out of this. My schedule just changed again, and this time it looks like it's going to remain in total chaos until the summer. Sorry about this, but if you want to use the plot concept I tossed out there, that's fine by me.

    Thanks though...
  9. No probelm, thank you for telling me. Perhaps another time.