Rich American Woman x Irish Innkeeper [Leap Year plot]

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  1. Hi! So I usually plan these things out but since this is a recent fleeting fancy, I shall just throw some general stuff here and see what happens...

    So I watched the film 'Leap Year' at the weekend and now I really wanna rp it. Do you need to have seen it? Not at all! Here's the basics:


    A is a rich American woman. She has travelled to Ireland to propose to her rich cardiologist boyfriend as, according to Irish tradition, a man must accept a woman's proposal on leap day. She is prissy, particular and likes the finer things in life, often wearing expensive heels and carting around a designer suitcase. She also likes everything to be planned out, though she is often clumsy.

    B is an Irishman and owner of O'Callaghans - a failing pub and local inn in a small village in Ireland. He is the complete opposite to A - rough around the edges, laid-back and quite guarded. He no longer believes in marriage after his fiance cheated on him with his best friend.


    On her way to Dublin where she is to meet her boyfriend when he has finished working in America and will fly out to meet her, A's plane is diverted to another airport. When she hires a boat to take her to Cork, a storm pushes the ship ashore to what appears to be the middle of nowhere. Cold and wet, she takes refuge in the local inn where she meets B. Even the two immediately hate each other, B's pub is threatened with closure when he can't pay the bills so when A offers to pay him to take her to Dublin, he can't refuse.

    A few sub-plots along the way from the movie that we could use if we wished:

    - A's bags are stolen along the way. She eventually stumbles across the thieves in a pub going through her bags. When they refuse to return her items and begin to intimidate her, B steps in.

    - The two stay the night in a small inn run by a traditional Irish couple who will not allow unmarried couples to stay with them. Thus, the two pretend to be married and must share a room.

    - When a freak hailstorm hits, the two take shelter in a church unaware that a wedding is in progress. The wedding party is welcoming and invites them to the reception. A gets drunk and passes out on the nearby beach.

    So, something along those lines. I hate to force romance so do not think this is a romantically-inclined plot. If romance happens naturally - such as the movie - then cool. If our characters just hate each other forever, then that's fine too :D I quite like a paragraph to reply to and my replies may be slow so please be patient.

    Anyone interested???

    (If you want a reference:
  2. Perhaps I need a snazzier title...

    Anyone vaguely interested? We can change some stuff up if anyone wishes - settings and such.
  3. Ok you pulled me in the second you wrote about leap year. I love that movie.
  4. Really?? Yay! I only saw it a couple of weeks ago, kinda by accident because it's not my usual thing but it made me really want to RP it! I haven't found anyone too familiar with it thus far - PM me!
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