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  1. Science fiction short film made by Kaleb Lechowski

  2. I linked this in chat the other day. Its so awesome. So amazing. Makes me want to do sci fi RP.
  3. Nice. I found out about it through my Facebook feed.
  4. I found it through Reddit. :P
  5. That was such an amazing short even more so if it was done by one guy. I really hope that some larger company sees what he has done and they try to pick him up so he can work with them and develop his IP even further into an actual movie. I could see it being split into 1-3 movies as well. Something like the first explaining the origin of it all and then the second is the story of their extinction or survival.
  6. The guy is flying to Hollywood by one of the major companies I here. They haven't explained what they plan for him though.