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  1. I really want to get a revolution rp going kind of like how they did in lelouch of the rebellion, a dictator rising to power and conquering most of the world small groups of rebels retaliating against the military and trying to stage coup to assassinate the dictator. I don't have an exact plot yet but I do want the time frame to be some what close to modern time, if not I'm fine going either back in time or futuristic. As to where not sure if it should be alternate world or a parody of our own. I am open to ideas and contributions so if you have any ideas or your intrested let me know!
  2. Depending on how this plays out I might be interested. Though I would prefer if it was more futuristic like the original. You said no mecha which I kinda like, so maybe some other futuristic stuff? Particular combat stuff like mutants, cyborgs, spaceships/sci-fi vehicles, etc. Because alot of the reason that lelouch did so well is well first his tactic/strategic stuff and the fact that the military used mecha and he got his hands on them and with just a few and a few pilots could be a dangerous force.
  3. Yeah I gotcha and I can work in some other worldly futuristic pieces in as well, I kind of want to keep it on one world though. It is the future but not to the point of traveling between worlds. I could see the cyborgs being apart of it, sort of like enhanced soldiers working for the military. Resistance has some too but their not as well equipped as their enemies. I want to go with the basic guerilla warfare attribute for the resistence, they strike at a convoy or outpost to raid supplies then retreat when they have what they need.

    When/if I'm able to start this the resistance groups will still be small, and not have enough supplies for a full scale battle. They don't have the man power to go toe to toe yet, that how I want it to start out then have it slowly build up as the story unfolds. This isn't going to be a code geass rp i just used it as a reference because more people would be able to relate to how the rp might go.
  4. Ahh okay. Well I might be interested I'll just watch.