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  1. Satarious wasn't far from Angleton. An hours train ride up the north mountain. There was talk amongst the city that the small Immortal village planned to revolt against Satarious. Once it took the city it would recruit Immortals. Vampires, demons, imps, elven, and orcs. Angleton wanted to take out mortal life. Destroy every human in existence. The worst part was, the had succeeded in taking Satarious, and planned on moving to large cities, and void them of human life. But some are against this cause. Humans were important. They kept the world running. But the vampires had already turned hundreds. They had an army. A small group called the Rise was not for this prophecy. The Rise would stop at nothing to stop the Immortals. A lot of people on the fence said that the Rise was just as bad as the Immortals.

    There was graffiti art from the members of Rise along the stone walls of Satarious. The city itself was huge, but every wall had some kind of Rise art on it. Many were just short sentences like, "Satarious has fallen." or "They always watch." little saying that had bigger meanings behind them. The leader of Rise was a girl called Scatter. No one knew her real name, they assumed it was for the protection of any family she might have. Scatter was both recruiter and warrior. She chose who joined Rise. Many Immortals have tried to get in to spy on the cause, but Scatter has always seen right through them. Rise HQ is an underground facility that is off the map. Many have tried to find it and all were shot or sliced on site. Scatter's rag tag army was filled with trained assasins and people off the streets that cared about her cause. The thing about Scatter is she is easy to find. She doesn't try to stay hidden. So if you want to join the cause, all you have to do is ask.

    The Fallen Will Rise
    Character Skeleton:




    Side:(With Rise or With Revolt)



    -No godmodding
    -No killing characters unless it is okayed by the player
    -Please try not to leave someone behind
    -Try to include every player

    -Do not make changes to the plot line for your convenience.
    -Try not to use pictures when you do your CS

    Name: Scatter

    Age: Outwardly 21

    Gender: Female

    Species: Elemental (Water/Ice)

    Side: With Rise

    Appearance: Long massively curly black hair, semi-tanned skin, and electric blue eyes. She stands 5'7" and has a petite but muscular build. Scatter is almost always wearing a grey tube top, black zip-up jacket and jeans. Scatter doesn't care much about looking stylish. If its easy to slice someone throat with, she'll probably prefer that over uncomfortable skinny jeans and a designer shirt that itches. Her mass of hair is usually braided pretty loosely and hangs over her shoulder. Her lips are pale pink, and she a delicate facial features. Her skin is pale and icy to the touch.

    Bio: Scatter started Rise after her parents were killed in the taking of Satarious. Obviously she was angry. She didn't care much for humans as most non human species don't. Scattermakes herself easy to find. Mostly because she needs recruits and every assassin the immortals had thrown at her had met their demise. Death by drowning. See the human body is 97% water, which means that scatter can make your death quick or long and full of pain. And it's usually the long one. She originally only killed the first assassin to send a message. To show them that they would be forced to go through her, if they wanted the humans. For her it wasn't about protecting the humans, it was about completely wiping out the vampiric species, along with any stragglers that were on their side. Hate bubbled in her stomach daily, and it wanted war.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.