Reviving a Dead Roleplay that isn't yours- Part 2?

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  1. Okay, so I found this thread.

    ROLEPLAY - Reviving a dead roleplay that is NOT yours

    It answered some of the questions I had, but not all.

    What if I wanted to use someone's RP idea that never started and was on a different website? Like he had the basics set up and everything, but it never started. The guy vanished and has been gone for about 10 months now. Is it ok to just credit him with the idea or will I need to rewrite things before submitting it (if I can even use it at all)?
  2. I would rewrite things personally, just because it's always better that way. BUT I feel in that case it would be okay to directly link to it and credit it if you're unable to get in contact with him.
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  3. I'd say it depends on how much you're borrowing from it. General premise? You can probably re-write it and change enough things that it's more of your own thing, and then you won't have to worry about it. Copying the OP down to minute details? Yeah... I would give credit for that.
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