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  1. I'm not sure what exactly is wrong here, but I was writing a book and would like for this concept to be reviewed for holes in sense before I tried to use it.

    Loredas, 5th of Rain's Hand, 2E14

    It's been awhile since I've written in my notebook, all my research was destroyed before when I tried to flee to another city. I couldn't take working for that madman, god know what could have happened if he reached my research. I don't know if my son will survive though, he's already been highly afflicted with Taint, and trying to funnel the taint into other creatures so far hasn't been very successful. I've already gone through several creatures and it still seems that it's not enough to keep him healthy. But recently, I've been going back into research into Taint. Not for domination of the other races, but as a use to cure my own son. Hopefully, if he DOES stay alive, he can read my current research into Taint, and better understand why I did this.
    - Professor Julius Ganganelli.

    • Taint is essentially the force of nature that is present everywhere, at any time. Even now, Taint is present in our everyday lives. It is created upon the death of a creature, when fire burns and releases carbon emissions. Every action, EVERYTHING creates taint. In a sense, it is the disturbance of nature and the repercussions that occur because of it. When you breathe, you inhale oxygen, the air of the environment, and exhale Taint. However, Taint can also be created from unnatural means.
    • Taint can be created from exploding mass, the refinement of matter (i.e. melting metals, creating Mana, etc.,), or if Mana was used excessively in one area.
    But that may bring us to another question. What exactly is "Mana"?

    • Some may consider Mana as some mystical being that lives in all of us, or the power of a god, heck, some people may even consider Mana as Chi discussed in methods of meditation and channeling this 'Chi' to reach nirvana. In reality, what these meditations are doing are dispelling Taint. Everything is inhabited with taint, they absorb it, and they release it through means of breathing, excrement, sickness, and potentially water.
    • To clarify, Mana IS a form of Taint.
    Like I said before, Taint is always created and dispelled by living creatures. However, if the Taint is not expelled from the living mass, then it will slowly deteriorate, until reduced to dust. This is why all living things die. No normal creature 'lives' forever because none have perfected the ability to expel taint efficiently. In result, there will always be some Taint left behind that will feed of of the life force of the creature, until it become too taxing for it to continue living functions, and perishes. When there is no life force to feed off of, the Taint itself begins to deteriorate along with the creature, converting back into corrupted raw mana in the environment to be absorbed by the next creature. This process is commonly known as rotting, and the process produces a putrid odor to most creatures which stimulates a reaction for them to stay away.

    - So in theory, if you were to walk into ruins of a lost empire and you feel nervous as the area feels really creepy, that's probably because the people there died due to an unnatural incident and there is an enormous amount of Taint in that area, and can be inhabited by a corrupted creature teeming with corrupted raw Mana, a.k.a Draugr, Zombies, Skeletons, Necromorphs, a possible Necromancer/Witch. You name it.
    There are various Mana-producing items however, ranging from common living creatures, to actual metals that have special properties like Ebony, Haderoth, Desichalkos, Uranium, and Mercury. Each of these things excrete raw Mana except that due to their atomic build, will end up morphing into other Tainted forms like radiation and mercury poisoning. But despite these metal creating Taint at the end, it is important not to forget that these metals still create raw Mana at the base of their reaction with their atomic structure, which can be channeled into electricity if done correctly (for the most part), but the problem is that it doesn't use up all the raw-Mana due to in-accurate calculations done.

    • Raw Mana is one of the most dangerous things that ANY living thing can have in their body. When raw Mana is created, it has the chance of turning into taint. But as I said earlier, will (normally) be absorbed into the environment and then 'eradicated' from the environment. If raw Mana was not refined, through natural or unnatural means, it will find a way into a living organism until it dies, and again, removes itself from the ecosystem.
    Taint is a highly unpredictable (X) factor in the environment, affected by the actions and reactions of every creature in the environment. Each encounter with any highly Tainted creature must be dealt with extreme caution and trying to tamper with taint is highly discouraged.
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